20 Facts About Slovenia That You Didn’t Know

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So Slovenia is cool, it’s a tiny but beautiful Slavic country and people are also just as pretty and welcoming. Only these facts are the good reasons for you to come visit Slovenia, but hey why stop at these when we can show you a set of 20 interesting facts about Slovenia! Average tourist reviews are boring, so we made you this fact list, that you will soak up as a sponge and when you visit Slovenia you will thank us! So, this is why we will add this little fact list about Slovenia to test your knowledge about them!

Make sure you leave in comments which facts you did know, and which you had no clue about. You can even leave a comment if you think something interesting about Slovenia should be included. So here are some cool 20 fun facts about Slovenia, check them out below:

1# Fact – Cavemen friendly territory

2# Fact – Slovenes love vineyards

3# Fact – Slovenes love their towns

4# Fact – Coast is small but pretty

5# Fact – Land is full of fuzzy bears

6# Fact – They have pretty weddings

7# Fact –  Mountains are in their blood

8# Fact –  Oldest vine is from Slovenia

9# Fact – They love to jump from their mountains

10# Fact – Slovenes are pretty by default

11# Fact – Slovenia has some cool neighbors

12# Fact – It’s full of green forests

13# Fact – They have pretty Lipizzaner horse studs

14# Fact – Their Mount Triglav is pretty high

15# Fact – They enjoy bike rides and hiking

16# Fact – Film makers also love the area

17# Fact – Their parks are ancient old

18# Fact – They are happy, so are their festivals

19# Fact –  They have unique hostels

20# Fact – It’s the land of Dragons

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