25 Facts About Nikola Tesla That You Didn’t Know

Story about an incredible individual that reshaped this world and our future

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Nikola Tesla –  was a Serbian, Croatian and American engineer of electricity. Skillful and incredible Inventor, mechanical pioneer and a person whos visions have been hard to grasp for the population of his own time. In fact today many students of mechanics, electricity and robotics still have a problem of grasping what and how Tesla achieved and constructed his wonders.

Person that contributed the most in bringing to our civilization what we call “the alternating current (AC)” today is the one who also learned to control lightning. This visionary several times even claimed that he contacted extraterrestrial beings.

Facts about Nikola Tesla:

1) There was a fierce thunderstorm that raged over the town Smiljan, modern day Croatia on the day Nikola Tesla was born. His family of Serbian origin thought it was a bad omen, however it seemed to become the child of the light.

2) Nikola Teslas was a genius from his early childhood, he invented things and has shown huge potential which alter became true as he changed our planet with his inventions and technology.

3) He left Croatia and 28 years old on the invitation of Thomas Edison and worked for him until they became rivals and on end sworn enemies.

4) Tesla loved nature and was a environmentalist. He cared about Earths resources being depleted by humans so much this is one of the reasons he tried to make our civilization fueled by electricity.

5) One Kabbalah Zoharic prophecy dubbed “gates of wisdom upon the earth” coincides with the time that Nikola Tesla was born.

6) He had a photographic memory, this is why he was able to memorize books, experiments, images, visions and facts that helped him in his work.

7) Tesla mentioned he loved a girl in his younger age, however felt relationship be an obstacle in his research so chose celibacy.

8) Tesla claimed his brain was a receiver. “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which “We” obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know it exists”.

9) He loved to walk alone so he could think about his inventions and problem. In time it became a Obsessivecompulsive disorder (OCD) for him.

10) Tesla has claimed he had visions made of intense flashes of light that explained to him how he would build his inventions.

11) His greatest invention besides electricity is rotating magnetic field.

12) He firmly believed in alien species and that we are not alone in universe.

13) Nikola Tesla never received a Nobel Prize for modernizing whole of human kind. (but hey Obama did, for peace)

14) He was monitored by American intelligence agencies due to his experiments of controversial inventions called “the death beam” that was able to bring down numerous planes from huge distances.

15) He started to work on experiments with a flying machine in 1910, more correctly a anti-gravity flying machine.

16) He was a avid numerologist, he was obsessed by the number three and had to circle around a building for 3 times before entering it. Superstition, belief and mind for technology obviously go hand in hand. (how about that Atheists)

17) Albert Einstein worked with Nikola Tesla before his death. They tried to create invisibility cloak for the USS Eldrige, American warship

18) According to witnesses, the Philadelphia Experiment went terribly wrong. The ship didn’t just disappear from radar, according to reports the USS Eldridge disappeared completely and reappeared with some of the crew “embedded” into the metal of the ship.

19) He invented more beyond electricity, in facts over 700 inventions like wireless connection & communication, turbine engines, helicopters, neon lights, torpedoes, X-rays etc.

20) He was sleeping only two hours per night plus some short napping if he felt like it. Good he didn’t sleep much, he had time to think more!

21) He died as a poor man and a humanitarian and never cared about money in materialist sense, except to fund his experiments.

22) Many of his originally belongings are today in Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia that was opened in 1950’s. However some of his work and papers are still classified in the U.S. government.

23) Smartphones were actually invented by Tesla, at least the idea of smartphones where Tesla described in 1901. to J.P. Morhan his vision of smart communication that we have today.

24) He hated Perls, he would send his secretary home if he saw her wearing pearls. He had very distinct sense for style.

25) It is thought that Tesla in one of his experiments intercepted a sort of intelligent signal from space, today there is a whole theory about it called “the Black Knight Satellite”.

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