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250 Year Old Tower In Croatia Was Redesigned Into A Cozy House

When you mix medieval and modern into a masterpiece

Croatia – One awesome house caught our eye, it’s a windmill that was built back in 1761. by Franciscan monks. But to make it simple and fun, it looks like one of those awesome medieval cannon towers! This tower is located on a hill nearby to harbor of the Island of Hvar (in the Adriatic sea).

Now as with most other old buildings most of them get neglected and start to fall apart, but ever since a new owner acquired this one, he turned it into an awesome (and cozy) tower house that you can actually rent of Airbnb. h/t:[designyoutrust]

These days the tower is protected by Hvar Cultural heritage as a cultural monument. Owners are Lorenzo Tudor’s family from 1971.

During his renewal it has been blessed with latest technology so it has it’s own cooling and heating system, own water supply, electricity and wi-fi connection. It’s a completely luxuriously filled house that will offer you a very unique experience living in a 250 years old water mill tower.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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