5 Balkan Instagram Accounts That Slavic Girls Should Be Following

Just some friendly recommendations from a Slav girl to other slav girls

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Social media has paved the way for a new type of interaction. The Internet has made it possible for us to share our lives with others instantaneously (and the other way around), and broadcast it across all corners of the world. Instagram, one of the most popular social media sites, has reached unprecedented heights. Over 700 million users weekly, and 51% of these use Instagram DAILY. And I have no shame admitting I’m in those 51%. Although scrolling through Instagram or tapping away on Instagram Stories can be a huge time-waster, Instagram can also be a place for inspiration. But how do we make it one? Who are we supposed to follow?

Fear not, I am here to help! There are tons of fabulous accounts from all around the world that I could recommend, and Balkans is not an exception.Balkan countries have produced their fair share of Instagram influencers. (*Although the word “influencer” seems to be frequently ridiculed in the Balkans.) Below are 5 Balkan Instagram accounts you should be following for inspiration and motivation. I tried to include something for everyone.


Based in Zagreb, her Instagram world is charming, warm, and fairytale-like. Emerge yourself in cozy vibes, charming tea cups, and fluffy pillows. You will like @ljupka_tanevska if you like: interiors, lifestyle, coffee snaps


Another Zagreb-based Instagrammer, this Instagram corner is calming and happy. A white theme with bursts of colour, an occasional meal, or a family trip. You will like @more_less_ines if you like: family bloggers, interiors, simplicity


Based in Sarajevo, her Instagram account is themed around warm and dark colours. This account showcases simplistic and elegant outfits, architecture snaps, and cool spots around Europe. You will like @lutkarka if you like: fashion, travelling, lifestyle


Let’s switch it up a bit. Up and coming, based in Belgrade, this Instagram account is a sight for sore eyes. Run by a photographer and UI/UX designer, this account features some stunning scenery. You will like @filipz_ if you like: photography, nature, portraits


Based in Belgrade, @nadafitt is for all of you who are all about that healthy lifestyle. Colourful, and with a lot of fitness/exercise videos, you will get moving with this Instagrammer! You will like @nadafitt if you like: exercise, healthy food, fitness

These are only some of many talented and inspirational Balkan corners of Instagram. Until the next recommendation…Log in and catch that spark of inspiration!

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