5 Fun Open Air Touristy Sports And Activities In Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is a picturesque country with a highly diverse relief made out of numerous mountain ranges, evergreen forests, kitschy valleys, steep hollows, vast plains and a notably long coastline that spans for nearly 400 kilometers on the Black Sea’s shores. The best ways to get the most out of this Slavic country’s wondrous natural reserves is to explore the outdoors off the beaten path. If hiking isn’t to your liking, here are 5 other fun open air touristy sports and activities to engage in if you want to enjoy Bulgarian nature.


With a plethora of hollows and hilltops, Bulgaria has thousands of spots ideal for zorbing. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s basically a kid and adult friendly art of running and rolling down a slope while zipped inside a gigantic transparent sphere called a zorb. Similar to the walking water balls, zorbs come in different sizes, but unlike the ones suited for water, they come in two “walls” for extra padding, damping down bumps and absorbing shocks. Depending on the rider’s running or rolling style and the slope’s angle, the speed highly varies. According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest zorbing speed was accomplished at 52 km/h.


Many will argue that the ultimate way to take in Mother Nature’s beauty is hands down paragliding, just like many will argue that paragliding shouldn’t be labeled as a sport. Whether you’re looking for azure marine landscapes, snowcapped mountainous summits, colorful plains or a mixture of different terrains, Bulgaria’s paraglider point of view from up top doesn’t disappoint. There are quite a few paragliding schools on Bulgarian soil where you can complete a training program and experience the sky high adventures on your own without the limitations of the pre-approved only destinations.


When it comes to having fun, enjoying the outdoors and partaking in unique open air activities, skydiving in Bulgaria is a must bucket list item for every thrill seeker out there. One of the several skydiving organizations in this country (Skydive Sofia) has officially been certified by the United States Parachute Association, guaranteeing that your experience will be 100% safe according to worldwide acclaimed safety regulations. That very same organization carries out skydiving jumps outside the capital city Sofia and near one of the popular seaside resort towns called Primorsko.

Bungee jumping from a hot air balloon

Generally speaking, bungee jumping isn’t for everyone. Lots of people book a jump, but change their mind in the last minute, right as they are about to perform the plunge. Bungee jumping from a hot air balloon can be even scarier because it’s not carried out from a sturdy and static platform, but from an unsteady one instead which is constantly moving. Yet another factor that makes bungee jumping from a hot air balloon unique is that you get to feast your eyes on the beautiful nature below while you’re riding the balloon. So even if you chicken out while you’re up in the air, it still wouldn’t be a complete waste of time and money, because the views alone will be worth it.


Forget about beach volleyball. If you’re a fan of water sports, than this open air activity is just the thing you need to spice up your vacation at the sea. The Flyboard is a type of water jet that can elevate the flier up to 15 meters above the surface, allowing for a number of creative tricks to be performed in the air. First-timers can learn how to work it in under half an hour and the possibilities of riding it both underwater and above the surface are endless. Fortunately for those enthusiastic beachgoers who want to try out the Flyboard for themselves, there are several locations scattered across the Bulgarian Black Sea shores that offer the necessary equipment.

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