5 Interesting Facts About Vladimir Putin That You Didn’t Know

He is more complex personality than you have ever thought.

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Vladimir Putin is one of the most controversial politicians of our times. Frequently seen as a authoritarian leader who stays as a strong player in politics and the leader of modern Russia. His phenomena had been described by dozens of books. He is well known as a music lover. Apart from the Russian music, he loves The Beatles. Although most of his life is related to the politics, he had never lost his interest in the other disciplines of life. No matter if you like Putin or not, you have to admit that he is an extraordinary personality. Here are some interesting facts about him:

1. Putin loves history and antiquities

He is a well-known collector of antiquities and art. his sublime taste made him buy a lot of priceless items. He is not only interested in buying them, but also in exploring the history of historical items and places.The world saw his interest in diving in 2013 when he dove in a submersible in the Gulf of Finland. Putin explored the remains of a naval frigate. Moreover, in August 2015 Putin took a ride on mini-submarine to explore the ruins of the Byzantine trading ship dated back to the 10th century.

It took place during the visit in Crimea. Putin was truly impressed by the experience of enjoying the old wreck from such a perspective. Although he was criticized by world media, he seemed to be very happy under the waters of the sea. Moreover, he frequently attends art galleries.

2. Apple made an apple watch for him

Who wouldn’t like to have a dedicated apple watch? Even Putin was truly impressed when Apple created a Putin-themed watch. There are only 999 units of the Putin Watch. It is a gold-coated Apple Watch, which depicts the double-headed eagle of Russia’s coat of arms and the Moscow skyline. It was made by the Russian-Italian jewelry brand, famous Caviar Perna Penna. The cost of the watch is about $3000. How do you think who wanted to buy it?

3. He has a connection with Lenin

The family of Putin has a story that connects them with a famous communist leader. His parental grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin, took a surprising role in the life of Lenin, and later even Stalin. If you think that he was a politician, you are wrong.

He worked as a chef at Lenin’s country house. His service was so good that later he was hired as a Stalin’s chef. Due to this fact later he was trained by the NKVD, a predecessor to the KGB. Later his grandson became one of the most famous KGB agents.

4. He is a polyglot

Putin speaks in a few languages. It is well known that he is fluent in German because it is believed that he worked there as a KGB agent in Germany. During the trip of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2013 to Russia, he acted as an interpreter. Moreover, he speaks English, understands a lot in Polish and Ukrainian. During the visits in Armenia, he also acts like he understands this language very well. Therefore, if you meet Putin beware! He might understand your language!

5. He is a sporty man!

He is not only a fan of a sport, but he practiced may disciplines n his life. He started to learn judo when he was 11 years old. He earned the fifth dan black belt in 2001, the highest ranked ninth dan in taekwondo in 2013 and the eighth dan black belt in karate in 2014.Apart from this, he enjoys horse-riding, scuba diving, fishing, ice hockey, skiing, etc. He frequently attends the gym. Moreover, due to his passion, Russia became an organization of the Olympic Games, World Cup in football and F1 races.

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