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5 Polish Painters You Should Know

Oh, art! What would be life without art? Although the history of Poland is quite complicated, the history of Polish art is very rich and fascinating. For centuries polish land was a homeland of many incredibly talented painters. Some of them reached the worldwide fame and became the icons of art. Here is a short list of creme de la creme of fabulous polish painters:

Stanis艂aw Wyspia艅ski

Stanis艂aw Wyspia艅ski and his many talents encompassed not only painting and sculpting. He was also a significant, quoted and valued Polish writer who was deeply involved in the theatre, and worked fastidiously in architecture, renovating monuments and creating furnishings amongst other things. Read the story of this tremendously talented man from the secession times. – @polka_a 馃憠馃摉 The Great Stanis艂aw Wyspia艅ski And His Many Talents 馃摉 #artmagazine 馃憠 @thenationalmuseuminkrakow Autoportrait with wife, Stanis艂aw Wyspia艅ski, 1904 #art #arthistory #stanislawwyspianski #historiadelarte #arte #kunst #artinspiration #arteducation #education #polishart #artstagram #artgram #instaart #artoftheday #wyspianski #cracow #artlovers #museumlover #artlover #artnerd

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If you’ve ever been in Krak贸w, we are sure you have seen his works. He was born in 1869 and most of his life was related to this city. He is called one of the Fourth Polish Bard with Adam Mickiewicz, Zygmunt Krasi艅ski, and Juliusz S艂owacki. He was not only a painter but also a poet and a writer. His heart was full of love to Poland, what can be noticed easily in his art. As a writer, he created national dramas within the artistic philosophy of the Young Poland Movement. He created an impressive stained glass for the church of St Francis monastery in Krak贸w, but also dozens of paintings.

Zdzis艂aw Beksi艅ski

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One of the most talented artists of the Polish surrealists. He was born in 1929 and was famous of unique style in art. He created art which he identified as either a ‘Baroque’ or a ‘Gothic’. Specialists call his style dystopian surrealism. His art is usually classified in two periods. The first period of work is considered to contain expressionistic color. Many works present a surreal architecture, a scenario that reminds us of a doomsday. The second period of his art is more abstract. Works by Beksi艅ski are appreciated especially by people who like the fantasy world, whose imagination is open to the surprising and unrealistic images.

Beksi艅ski died in February 2005. He was stabbed to death at his apartment by a 19 years old acquaintance. Beksinski refused to lend him money.

Olga Boza艅ska

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Although she was a talented polish painter, her style was stylistically associated with the French impressionism. She was born in Krak贸w and studied first at the Adrian Baraniecki School for Women and later at the Krak贸w Association of Friends of Fine Arts exhibition. Her masters were Karl Kricheldorf and Wilhelm D眉rr from Munich. She moved to Paris in 1898, where she created most of her the most appreciated paintings. As the time passed by, Boza艅ska became one of the most iconic female painters of Poland. Her works are sublime and consider sensitive feminine beauty. Boza艅ska and her art appear as classy and delicate. Although she decided to stay in France for most of her life, she stays very famous in her homeland. She died in her beloved Paris at the age of 75.

Stanis艂aw Witkiewicz

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His story is a perfect material for a soap opera. However, Wikiewicz with his creativity became a greater artist than most of the people of his times. He is commonly known as Witkacy. Apart from being a painter, he was a philosopher, novelist, playwright, photographer. He was a friend of the greatest European artists, a lover of the muses of many. He was not only an artist, he was a muse to many. Witkacy died on 18 September 1939. He committed a suicide.

Katarzyna Kobylarz

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If you think that according to this article all of the good painters of Poland are dead, we would like to introduce you to the art by Katarzyna Kobylarz. Her works were sold to many impressive collections all over the world. She created a visionary way of making art performances with using the technique 3D chrome-depth. It means that using the light UV she creates the 3D effect in her paintings. Apart from this, she paints in almost every possible style, her creativity and skills place her on the top list of the most talented artists of Poland. Katarzyna Kobylarz was born in 1982 and connected her professional life with Warsaw.

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