5 Reasons That Will Persuade You To Visit Slovakia For Your Next Trip

Germany, France, Spain or Italy. Large rich countries drawing tourists throughout the whole year with lots of sights or natural wonders. But what about almost completely forgotten Slovakia? What wonders does it hide?

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Slovakia – Small green parliamentary republic hidden in the heart of central Europe, most of the time being accidentally mixed with Slovenia (which is just as nice) because of similar names. It is a landlocked country, but it is landlocked in green and mountainous beauty. It was a part of the east block and finally got its freedom on January 1, 1993. which opened the borders for over 5 millions of inhabitants. More than 49 000 km2. 

What has such tiny country to offer to its visitors? Is Slovakia really worthy traveling to? Will you fall in love with Slovakia on your first visit? Let’s give the answers to these questions by introducing 5 crucial reasons to visit this country. So hop on and enjoy the ride, these are the 5 main reasons you will love you stay in Slovakia:

Beautiful mountains suitable for hiking and offering amazing views

It does not matter whether you start your journey on the ridges of High Tatras, the most popular part of Carpathians or Lesser Fatra, paths will always lead you to unforgettable outlooks. Transportation is usually cheap, you may travel to your starting place by bus or train. Carpathian mountains are also considered by some as cradle of early-Slavic culture in Europe, so besides the plain exercise you might enjoy the fact you will see where old Slavs used to live too. So pack your bag, your drone, your camera and go on a adventure.

Slovak language – pretty difficult but still one of the nicest

Especially in the middle part of the country where people speak purely without any dialect. Have you heard words such as drgnúť, (poke) priedomie (the front part of the house located outside) or babrák (lamer)? Well, these are all interesting Slovak words that you will hear a lot about. Also it is an interesting fact that Slovak language is the most “understandable” language to other Slavs, making it similar to some inter-slavic languages such as “Slovio” and similar.

Taste our food once and you will never leave Slovakia

Halušky (grated and boiled potatoes with curd cheese) and dumplings filled with fresh soft sheep’s milk cheese and small roasted pieces of bacon will make your mouth water. This dish has a god-like status in Slovakia, so everywhere you come and if you note that you’re a tourists they will all suggest you try this. You just don’t stand a chance to resist Halušky. This dish is so famous today it also did hit a sweet spot on our “10 most tasty Slavic dishes you should try” list, so you can trust me this stuff is good!

…and we share food

You don’t have to be shy while eating in Slovakia as people here are pretty casual. When it comes to food, you will be able to eat literally anywhere and feel pretty casual and “at home” about it. This is how a regular Slovak dinner looks like:

“Yay, this tastes brilliantly! Do you want a bite?

“You have it empty, don’t you ? I’ll pour your glass, my friend!” (This one is the most frequent one.)

“We have cakes, schnitzels, potato salad, 5 kinds of soups, eat how much you can, buddy!

And this is how it looks like during group trips spent in train. Most of us are totally hospitable.

Famous sights with great history will fulfill your free time

Don’t you just love medieval castles? We are sure you do, dooh, everybody does! Well lucky for you Slovakia has some of the most beautiful medieval castles for you to explore. All those central European legends from Lady Bathory to other spooky Slavic legends come from here. The ruin of castle in Čachtice, a home of world-famous Elizabeth Bathory, majestic Orava castle and even the location of geographic middle of the whole Europe. All of these and even more are to be explored by tourists throughout summer season.

Have these reasons persuaded you to add Slovakia to your traveling wishlist or have you already been to this country? If yes, did you enjoy it?

What do you think?

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