5 reasons why you should read crime story books by Joanna Chmielewska

If you read her books once, you will love her forever

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Joanna Chmielewska was an architect and a writer. Her life was full of fascinating events and stories. During her lifetime she experienced so many thrilling events and collected incredible stories that influenced her literature. She wrote more than forty books, which have been translated into at least nine languages. Only in Poland and Russia, she sold nearly 20 million copies.

Sometimes people compare her to the Russian writer Daria Dontsova, and both women knew each other well. It seems that it wasn’t unjustified. They both followed the path of writing the stories that make you dive deep into the ocean of their imagination. Chmielewski was born in Warsaw in 1932. Her style is often described as „ironic detective stories”. If you like smart and funny crime stories, it is a perfect choice for you. Although Joanna Chmielewska died on 7 October 2013, her books stay alive and kicking. Here are a few reasons why you should read books by this marvelous author:

1. Her books are intelligent and entertaining.

Both the readers and critics agree that her two best works are Całe zdanie nieboszczyka (The Corpse’s Complete Sentence) and Wszystko czerwone (Everything In Red). The main character of both is Joanna, an architect who works in a design studio. Her adventures driven by the coincidence put her in the center of the international criminal intrigue. Both books are the best examples of an intelligent style of Chmielewska. The main character of both books seems to be a bit similar to the author; she acts in an unconventional way, she’s intelligent and funny. Exactly as Chmielewska.

2. They are fun!

Her books are enjoyable to a few generations of people. Her unique sense of humor made her one of the most loved authors in Poland. She influenced the sense of humor related to several topics including crime stories and clumsy characters of Polish reality. When she published her novel „Lesio”, which talks about the absent-minded architect and his co-workers, her narration mirrored in the reality of many companies in Poland. When someone realized similarities between the stories from „Lesio” and their own job environment, they started to have a lot of fun joking about it and using quotes from the book. „Lesio” is one of the most popular books by Chmielewska.

3. You will learn about hilarious sides of Poles

Chmielewska was well known for her unique personality. She loved horses and an expert on amber. Moreover, her spirit was wild as the model Slavic person. Chmielewska loved to enjoy life, she adorned herself with the goodies like jewelry and her favorite alcohols. She was a model role of a Polish happy person. Reading her books you can realize many weird, outstanding and hilarious things about Polish people because she described them exactly as they are!

4. Her style was good and enriching

If you read in Polish, choosing her books you get the opportunity of reading a really good quality entertaining literature. The writing skills of Chmielewska were impressive. According to Ewa Japal:„Chmielewska has been writing books for 30 years, and all of them have been bestsellers. Her enormous popularity has not altered. It is said that she earns more than any other Polish woman writer … Her books have saved two publishers and one printer from bankruptcy.”

5. You will feel better, more positive and happier

Chmielewska had a natural gift of making people smile. Thr way she talks about the problems, makes everybody feel better about their own lives. She was a bit sarcastic, so her books are a perfect choice to every person who has a bad day, needs to be cheered up and relax after the meeting the hard reality that bothers most of us.

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