Americans searching Google: Map shows autocomplete for “Why did …” for Slavic countries

They just can’t understand European and Soviet Unions

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Wonder what Americans are most intrigued by when it comes to Slavs? When you start typing a search query into Google, it gives you suggestions based on what other people are searching for. The following map shows the top suggestion for the question “Why did …?” for European countries, e.g. what comes up after “Why did Germany …”. However, the suggestions differ from country to country. To generate the map Jakub Marian used a VPN based in New York, so the results reflect what Americans search for. If you access Google from another country, you may get different suggestions.

Chart: “Why did …” for Slavic countries

  • Ukraine –> Why did Ukraine join the Soviet Union
  • Belarus –> Why did Belarus leave the Soviet Union
  • Russia –> Why did Russia leave WW1
  • Serbia –> Why did Serbia join WW1
  • Macedonia –> Why did Macedonia conquer Greece
  • BiH –> Why did Bosnia and Serbia fight
  • Poland –> Why did Poland revolt in 1830.
  • Bulgaria –> Why did Bulgaria join WW1
  • Montenegro –> Why did Montenegro join Nato
  • Croatia –> Why did Croatia join the EU
  • Slovakia –> Why did Slovakia join the EU
  • Czechia –> Why did Czechia and Slovakia split
  • Slovenia –> Why did Slovenia and Croatia declare independence

Seems that average Americans are mostly intrigued by Unions such as EU and USSR and they just can’t understand why would anyone join or leave them.

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