5 Surprising Things You Can Do Near The Baltic Sea

If you decide to enjoy the Baltic sea instead of Mediterranean

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Baltic Sea is often considered as the dark and cold sea, not as attractive as the waters of the Atlantic Ocean or the seas in the south of Europe. However, it still has a lot to offer. Maybe your photos from holidays won’t be full of wonderful azure, but the experience of enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Baltic Sea might bring you unforgettable memories. Some of the activities you can take are unique and will bring you unforgettable memories. Here is a short list of such things:

1. Play with sharks

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Although there are no sharks in the natural habitat of the Baltic sea, you can still meet them in a small town in Poland. Very close to Gdynia, in the city of Redam is located an aquapark with.. the real sharks.  According to the explanation published „We begin our Aquapark adventure with the castle flooded by Kraken. The fable-like finish of the pools creates a magical atmosphere. Benches with neck and back hydro-massage provide perfect relaxation. More intense experience is offered by power showers and unusual waterfall with water pouring out of the bucket. Another surprise can be found on the other side of the castle ruins – a special pool that never ends.” This is only one of the attractions and believe me – the sharks are real and fabulous!

2. Maritime Museum in Gdańsk

Moreover, at the Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, you can see the remnants of another galleon recovered from the Gdańska Bay.  Swedish galleon Solen sunk in these waters during the famous battle of Oliwa in 1627. Although this exhibition isn’t as impressive as Vasa’s, but still worthy of visiting.

3. Explore the Venice of East – Sankt Petersburg.

It lies near the Baltic Sea and stays one of the most incredible cities in Europe. The Russian city is located in the northern part of the sea. Although it is famous for many complicated problems including the large group of homeless children, the architecture and impressive museums attract many tourists. The impressive palaces, temples, museums, famous underground stations and the other treasures of the city of famous tsar Peter the Great will make you speechless.

4. Dive deep into the dark waters

if you want to experience an adventurous time diving into the dark and salty waters of the Baltic Sea. Of course, it doesn’t sound as attractive as in the case of Mediterranean area, but there are many amateurs of diving in this sea. Of course, we don’t recommend you to explore the shipwrecks that became the tombs to thousands of victims of the cruel World War II, but Baltic Sea offers many incredible reasons to try to explore it. The unique natural habitat, geological treasures, and legends covered by the waters are certainly worth it!

5. Experience the possibility of traveling around the sea

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You cant do this in the case of most of the seas around the world. There are only a few seas like this around the world. Even the part between Denmark and Scandinavia is available due to the existence of the Øresund Bridge. This remarkable four kilometers bridge allows us to pass through the entire coast of the Baltic Sea making a round trip. Isn’t it fabulous?

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