6 Awesome Slavic Destinations That All Wine Lovers Just Have To Visit

Love wine? You are on a right place because Slavs love to drink

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Summer is just around the corner. Have you already decided about the best destination for your upcoming holiday? Some of us are looking for a clear blue sea…while others prefer it either white or red. If you relate to the second group you must be a real wine lover. And here´s your ultimate list of best Slavic destinations for the ones of your kind…

1. Slavonia, Croatia

Gently undulated region of Slavonia, bordered by rivers Dunaj, Drava and Sava in the northeastern Croatia, offers an unbeatable environment to local “mother of vines” – Graševina. Enjoy this aromatic, yet light and dry white wine while watching the sun set over the lovely mountain range of Papuk. And think about all those kings and emperors who drank delicious Slavonian wine before you, as it is highly valued for centuries. In the morning, head to some of the region´s famous attractions and sights – the Valpovo, Ružica or Erdut castle, or the Dakovo Cathedral which is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the whole Balkan region. Your Croatian holiday can be much more than the usual sunbathing around the coast…

2. Small Carpathian wine route, Slovakia

This popular and very rewarding “wine pilgrimage” route will take you all around the Slovak cities Bratislava, Svätý Jur, Modra, Pezinok and Trnava. You will enjoy warm and welcoming hospitality of locals, who have been cultivating vine here for many centuries. In fact – archeological findings have revealed that wine was already made and enjoyed here 2700 years ago! You can find all popular sorts of wine here – Rizlings, Chardonnays and many more. But why not give a shot to something new and local, such as lovely white Devín or aromatic red Dunaj? Apart from sipping from your glass of wine, do not forget to try local cuisine – crunchy goose with red cabbage and yeasted dumplings…yummy! Small Carpathians are also great for undemanding hikes and walks (you will need those after feasting on goose and wine). Chcek out some of local castles and fortresses hidden all over the lush forests…

3. Lower Sava region, Slovenia

Slovenia is widely known for its delicious white wines – Beli Pinot, Renski Rizling, Traminec and many more. This southern region named after river Sava is, however, the only Slovenian wine region where red wine is prefered and cultivated more thank its white counterpart. If you belong into the “red team”, check out local varieties of Modra Frankinja and Rumeni Muškat. They are definitely worth it. Once you have your daily dose of local grape medicine, you might start feeling a little bit adventurous. It´s the best time to head to local well-reknown cave Kostanjeviška jama. There are also many opportunities for those who love golf and spas.

4. Lake Skadar valley, Montenegro

Montenegro´s viticulture is still a bit of an undiscovered gem on the world map of wines. Take your time to explore it and you will be rewarded by magnificient tastes and glorious sceneries. Especially if you choose to do so in country´s most applauded wine region located around the lake Skadar. Take some of popular wine tours and try everything this lovely place has to offer – drink distinguished red Vranac or ancient white Krstač, eat hearty local cheese served with virgin olive oil, cruise around the lake and get your glimpse on a rare and endangered Dalmatian pelican. What else can you desire…

5. Southern Moravia, Czech Republic

You would hardly find any other people so proud of their viticulture as Moravians. Their wine is their biggest treasure and they are always happy to show it off to their curious visitors. There are many highly enjoyable ways to explore this region. Take a guided tour or explore it all at your own pace. Why not try renting a bicykle and touring some of 312 Moravian wine-making villages on your own? You will find cheap and comfortable accomodation everywhere. For the wines themselves – you cannot really make a mistake while tasting Moravian wines. Yet, if you want a sure-shot, go for Rizling vlašský, Rulandské bílé, Pálava or Muškát moravský.

6. Melnik, Bulgaria

The wines of Melnik could be found on royal tables all over the Europe in 16th and 17th centuries. And did you know that even Winston Churchill (famous politician and enthusiastic drinker ) had his favourite Bulgarian wine? It´s called Shiroka Melnishka Loza and you can taste this red delight for your own once you explore this stunning region. If you prefer it white, go for Keratsuda. It´s at home in Melnik as well. Melnik is located near Bulgaria´s southwestern border with Greece and it has warm climate and lots of unique sites for those who love history. Check out some of its Roman or Ottoman  empire remains. Also, you cannot miss stunning cliffs that tower just above the Melnik city. What a place to visit!

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