6 Slavic Ideas For Summer Food

When it’s hot outside and the last thing you want is eating something hot and heavy, you have to try Slavic ideas for the summer food. Although some of the Slavic nations like Croatians or Serbians are more used to the high temperatures, nations like Polish or Czech might experience really difficult times when the weather is too warm.

No matter if we like the high temperatures or not, we like dishes that make us feel better. There is nothing better than delicious food that makes you feel good. Here is a short list of our top of the tops for summer food:

1. Chłodnik

It is a refreshing cold soup made of a really unexpected ingredient like soured milk, but also young beet stems, beetroot juice, cucumbers and lemon juice. There are as many recipes as people who cook Chłodnik. It should have a beautiful fuschia color and the vegetables should be crunchy, not overboiled. If you will give it a try, you will re-discover the pleasure of eating vegetables. Slavic countries are still rich in fresh, not modified vegetables. If you’ve forgotten the flavor of the real vegetables, you have to visit one of the Slavic countrysides and try Chłodnik. The name Chłodnik comes from Poland, but you can find variations of this soup in almost all of the Slavic countries.

2. Fruit soup

Have you ever tried to cook a soup made of fruits? If you haven’t, the time for your first fruit soup has come! You can make using every summer fruit you want, but we would recommend you to use cherries, strawberries or berries. You can mix the fruits! Apart from them, you need sweet cream, water, sugar and a bit of flour (not necessarily). If you have never tried it, you cannot imagine how delicious it is!

3. Noodles with fruits and white cheese or yogurt

Imagine pasta with a sauce made of red summer fruits and cheese. Sounds heavenly, right? You can use short noodles boiled in salted water, add small chunks of white cheese and sauce made of strawberries or raspberries with sugar. It tastes even better if you serve it with cold summer drink or young wine.

4. Sour milk with potatoes and scrambled egg

Try to tell non-Slavic people about this dish. First of all, they will look at you like you are crazy. However, this simple dish is surprisingly tasty. It is easy to prepare and don’t be afraid to serve it to your guests. They will be grateful to you for the sour milk that will cool their bodies, delicious and well-boiled potatoes and scrambled eggs. The secret lies in the ingredients. Everything must be fresh. It is delicious and perfect for the summer lunch!

5. Pierogi with fruits

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t like pierogi? Although it is hard to conclude who created the first pierogi, Polish people like to believe that it is Polish traditional food. Although during the entire year you can find pierogi, delicious kind of dumplings, filled with meat, white cheese or vegetables, during the summertime they become fruity. You can fill them with strawberries, berries, raspberries, plums, etc. Add a spoon of yogurt and you will fall in love with this dish!

6. Beer

Well… You might take it as a joke, but if you will take it seriously, you won’t regret it! What’s better than a glass of cold beer on a summer night?

What’s your favorite summer food? Did we miss your favorite dish? Please tell us about your favorite summer food in comments! Let’s inspire each other and survive this delicious summer together.

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