7 Haunted Polish Castles Where You Could See Ghosts

Beware the ghosts, you never know will they like you or not!

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No matter do you believe in ghosts or not; you may have a creepy feeling in many castles in Poland. The number of haunted castles and palaces is huge, nearly every single place like this has an own spirit that scares tourists, or stays a protective power. Beware the ghosts, you never know will they like you or not!

1. Italian lady in Castle of Chęciny

Remarkable ruins of the castle in Chęciny are often visited by the ghost of White Lady. The spirit started to appear soon after the death of Bona Sforza, Queen of Poland who lived during the 16th century. Sforza, who came to Poland from Italy, is believed to hide some treasures somewhere in the castle. Due to this legends, it is supposed that she comes to Chęciny to search for them.

2. The knight of Chojnik

Chojnik is located on the top of the mountain, and it was a witness of many fights and battles. The fortified hillfort that is dominated by the castle was in use for a few centuries, until the day when the thunder hit it and burnt. The last owner of the castle, Hans Ulrich Schaffgotsch, was killed in 1645 accused of the betrayal of the ruler. When the castle was abandoned, people started to gossip about the shadow of the rider on the horse. He always appears from the dark mist, especially during the night. It seems that Hans Ulrich still guards his castle, perhaps he never accepted the sad end of his goods.

3. The ghost of Duchess Sofia in Darłowo

She appears dressed up in the long silk white dress and golden flat shoes. She steps carefully, without any sound. The woman holds the candle in her hand and seems to be a guard of the castle. Who is the woman whose silhouette was seen for many people hired in the castle? Sofia, wife of Duke Eric II from Pomeranian dynasty of Gryfit. She lived during the second half of the 15th century. Sofia was a wise and powerful woman, who loved the castle in Darłowo. Moreover, she was a person who used to control everything around her, and it seems that she cannot stop to do it.

4. Scary Nuns from Castle of Drzewica

According to the legend, when you hear weird noises you should be careful. There may come from the nuns whose ghosts haunt the castle. There is witness who-who confess meeting with the group of women dressed in long dark clothes. They wander, holding candles in their hands, straight forward to the gate of the castle. Where are they going? You’d better not ask.

5. The Red Ghoul at Castle of Grodziec

The skeleton dressed in armor, covered with the tongues of the fire appears since the medieval times.The first who saw the ghost was perhaps castellan of the castle. He was known was cruelty towards the people, but after meeting with the Red Ghoul, he changed his behavior forever. He gave his goods to the poor and set the prisoners free. The Red Ghoul appears when something bad happens to the people, attacks the ones who plague others.

6. Lady in Blue from Castle of Łańcut

According to the confession by a woman who saw the ghost, the lady in a beautiful blue gown appeared close to the statuette of Amor by Canova. She seems to be not very sociable, because every time she notices that someone is watching her, she disappears. It is believed that she lived in this castle for many years as Izabela of Czartoryscy Lubomirska (1733/36 – 1816). Apart from her, there is also a ghost of a man who sold his soul to the devil, but it is unknown do they like each other.

7. The rider on the black horse from the castle Krzyżtopór

He appears on the way to the gate of the residence, dressed in the armor with the characteristic wings of the 17th-century Polish army. Every time he arrives, the strong wind scares everyone who could see him. It doesn’t take a long time when he comes at the gate and disappears like in a mysterious secret entrance to the different dimension. It seems that he was the son of the last owner of the castle from the line of Ossolińscy, the family who created this beautiful construction. Krzysztof Baldwin Ossoliński, who lived between 1616 and 1649. He wears the armor because he died during the fight with Tatars.

The stories related to the ghosts usually scare living people, but in fact, if you don’t disturb their peaceful existence, you shouldn’t be worried. Of course, if only you are kind with people and you don’t want to meet the Red Ghoul or someone with a similar mission…

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