7 types of brooms for Russian baths

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Ever wanted to take a nice Russian baths being sweaty and brushing your self with healthy & natural herbs that will do good for your health. Well many do wish it too, this is why the Russian bathhouses have become very popular in Russia and there are many if you look for it. Best Russian baths are to be found in folk Eco villages and those specialized in providing the most authentic experience like it was in history. In order for the bath experience to be authentic, you would have to use a broom! Yes, a little broom made of healthy herbs, you chose which according to your needs and the enjoyment can start!

Birch broom – is triple the strength of medicinal properties of leaves, birch kidneys and juice. The birch leaves contain tannins, volatile oil, vitamin C, carotene, resin. Effective with aching muscles and joints after exercise. Cleanses the skin, accelerates the healing of wounds and abrasions, has a calming effect, improves the mood. It helps to improve lung ventilation, so, in fact, indispensable for asthmatics and smokers with experience. Will knit broom yourself – knit of curly birch, as its branches bending and lush.

Oak broom – symbol of longevity, strength and physical health. Its bark and leaves are rich in tannins, so this massage is better than any broom as it wraps the skin of the body. If the bath brooming is carried out regularly, it is possible to normalize blood pressure. It is best to harvest oak broom in August or September: He is durable and has a fairly broad leaves, which facilitates injection of steam.

Linden broom – Bathhouse with lime broom spelled out at the first symptoms of colds. In the leaves of linden contains a huge amount of essential oils and microbicides. Its flavor will help get rid of headaches and will sedative, relaxing and analgesic effect.

Eucalyptus broom – two major advantages. Firstly, it acts as an aphrodisiac, tonic and promotes concentration. Second, the eucalyptus – a great antiseptic. Eucalyptus tincture succumbing to the stove, inhaling vapors, inhalation you get to the larynx, trachea, bronchi. By the way, it does not substitute for bruises and sprains. Do not rush to bathe broom, consisting only of eucalyptus branches, because they still have a rather pungent odor. It is better to mix a few sprigs of eucalyptus with birch, linden and oak. This should be done yet because the eucalyptus branches are too thin and waving spent a lot of forces on the steam injection. Broom harvested in August.

Willow broom – very good for the skin, stimulates the regenerative processes, helps to keep the skin young, proven remedy for colds, rheumatism and back flushed. Willow broom can not be harvested for future use for a long time – within a year it should be used, otherwise the wood willow lose its freshness.

Kalinovoye broom – Kalin is able to mobilize the internal forces of the body, so a broom is good at long passing cold or cough. The branches for brooms harvested in late spring or summer, when the leaves are fully expanded, but the berries are still small. On the broom took only the young and thin branches, dried them quickly in a well-ventilated cool place to store the leaves nutrients.

Broom Elderberry – try to heat the bath but not hot, otherwise it makes therapeutic effect to disappear. This whisk will help you get rid of migraines and colds. Fragrant brooms (as well as brooms from twigs of currant and cherry) is not brewed as likely to get burned – leaves instantly cook, become sticky and heavy. The most important thing – to organize bath procedure, then it will be held with the maximum comfort and the desired effect.

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