Americans trying Croatian & Serbian snacks

cesarstrings (CC0), Pixabay

Youtube bloggers Tasha & Brandon, or brother and sister, entertain viewers with Youtube testing, evaluating and commenting on sweets and snacks from around the world.
Thus, the order came onto the warlike south Slavs and very well-known treats from Croatia and Serbia. Tasha and Brandon were given a box and immediately got to try each of them.

From snacks one could find there Dorina chocolate, legendary Ki-Ki candy, Hershey bars, gorgeous Mocca wafers, sticks, Smoky with peanuts, chocolate Animal Kingdom and more.
See as the Americans like our treats:

Just some of the most famous ones:

Smoki – peanut flips

Napolitanke – chocolate waffel

Kiki – gummy bonbons

Have you tried any of these?

What do you think?

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