7 Ways How Not To Date Polish Girls

List of useful tips how not to pick up girls in Poland…

Polish girls hear many ridiculous things about us on a daily basis. Due to the many articles published about Poland in media, the stereotypes, and prejudices, a lot of people created an untrue image about Polish as a nation, and especially about women from this country. Although Polish girls are friendly, open minded and don’t get offended easily. However, there are at least seven bad ways of trying to catch their attention, compliment them. We would like to kindly warn you how not to try to catch the attention of Polish women. Please never say the following phrases:

1. „You are nice as a Polish”

What does it mean ”as a Polish”? Sometimes guys think that if we are from the post-communistic country and we don’t have Euro as a currency, we are sweet puppies from a third world country. Many women from Poland fight with our image as traditional housewives who live in the patriarchal world.

2. ”You are pretty like a Russian doll”

Although we are Slavs, we are not Russians or Ukrainians. Polish girls have their own style and different look. Being a Slavic girl doesn’t mean that we are all similar. Polish women don’t look like Russians, Ukrainians, Croatians or Serbians. Being a Slav isn’t a type of beauty, the only thing that connects us is that we are all beautiful.

3. „Polish girls are the most beautiful!”

Oh, seriously? So all of your ex-girlfriends were really horrible, right? Have you dated Polish girls only? Well, this phrase is so pathetic and overused that no Polish girl will take you seriously after such a „compliment”. Moreover, have you ever heard that love has no nationality? If you want to be with a Polish girl love her for this who she is, not for her nationality or general popular opinions.

4. ”I wish I could have a polish wife, this country is cheap”

One of the rudest sentence you can say to the Polish girl. Sadly, many guys from western Europe think that. Yes, Poland is still out of the Euro currency zone, but why does it really matter if you want to date a Polish girl? Do you really think we are so cheap? Numerous Polish women experienced this problem when in 2012, during the Euro Cup in Poland and Ukraine, when many football fans from around the world arrived in Poland.

5. ”I’ve heard Polish girls are very traditional”

What do you mean by this? Do you think that we were made to serve a man? No, we were not. Although most of us are Catholics, it doesn’t make us potential slaves. Polish women love their families, but they are strong like the lions or the eagles. If you want to be with a Polish woman just because she is traditional, please find out what does it really mean. You will be surprised.

6. ”I’m looking for Polish girl because you are so religious!”

It doesn’t matter if we are religious or not. It is not your business. However, you have to know that there is a huge feministic movement and the moods among women are quite tense. As we fight for our rights, the last thing we want to hear is that you hope that we are limited by our faith. Even if we are, it shouldn’t be the reason for you to see us as more submissive.

7. ”I wish I could take you to my country, you don’t deserve to be here!”

If you want to date a Polish girl, you have to respect her roots. Even if she is not super-excited by everything in her country, she won’t forgive you if you will offend her homeland. Poland has a bad press abroad right now, but it doesn’t mean that all of the Polish people would love to live elsewhere or that we don’t appreciate what we have. Polish women keep their heads up and if you want to date them, you have to respect them.

What do you think?

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    In other words, don’t date Polish women if you are dumb as fck.


    Efraim Monsale

    Good article.. i really want to meet a polish women in the future. I could use this article on how to handle a polish woman. Hehe

    Wilk V.
    Wilk V.

    The important question is, who’s the one in the featured image?


    Najgorzata Flałerska-Motykowa

    Natalia Siwiec


    Mercedes McVey

    It’s just common sense.  Better not to assume or prejudge anything about anyone, or it’s called “pre-judice.”  Who would want to date someone that makes ridiculous assumptions and then acts on it.  There is no “category” called Polish Girls, each person is unique.  Of course, you don’t insult anyone’s country, heritage, religion, family, don’t stereotype anyone. That’s just being intelligent, which makes someone, Polish or not want to date you.



    Olga Kysil

    Since I don’t intend to date any Polish women, this is not helpful advice for me. Now, “7 Ways How Not to Date Polish Men,” might be useful. Where is that advice?


    Tanner Laskoski

    They are the best in the world… end of story


    Ivan Kovac

    Why would any normal person say any of those phrases to any girl, no matter if she is for example polish, korean or colombian?


    Jason Fisher

    Good article, well done by a terrific writer. I just hope though that the movement in Poland for equal rights is for equalism.

    Some feminists in the west (Thankfully not all) are not for equality or open-minded, but rather give the impression that they are okay with sexism as long as males are the victims. Case in point rates of incarceration for males versus females, rates of graduation from high school and university education and lifespan in the west all strongly dis-favor males and very few are concerned or motivated to make societal adjustments. To be fair, I do not know if these discrepancies exist in Poland and other Slavic lands, but I’d be surprised if they were not the same. With respect, if we want equality we must address it all.  Equalism is needed for all.



    Жената не е човек.



    I’m not sure if its feminism or not but there is a certain amount of “female preference” (in the Slavic country I live in) at the universities in a disciplines which were once traditionally dominated by men.



    I am a Polish woman, and this article is a bullshit.

    Guess what? I HATE feminism, and most of Polish girls hate it too. This stupid ideology destroyed all of womans rights. In the past, i could stay at home and do nothing. Right now I have to work, I must go for studies, I must do soo much things or I will be a ‘victim of patriarchy’.  And there is no gentlemans becouse of feminists (becouse gentlemans threated womans as weaker)

    For mans: If you really want a Polish girl, show her that you care for her, that you can provide enough money so you could never let her go to work and threat her like a woman, not like a man (as feminists wants)

    For womans: Never allow feminists to destroy your live, as they want, and never support them. Instead tell them, that you love being a woman and you will never be a man (or be like a man)

    Last thing, if anyone will ever say, that me (as a polish girl) or any of my friends, dont care about religion, I wish my man punch him hard.




    …i could stay at home and do nothing…

    I guess that’s what most people dream.



    Don’t listen to Ula. Although there are some cunning gold diggers in Poland, the majority of women are not, while she is trying to suggest otherwise.

    But I agree that this list is not helpful at all.

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