20 Facts About Kiev That You Didn’t Know

Legendary Kievan Rus city waits you to explore it…

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Kiev / Kyiv – So you’ve heard about Kiev, the legendary East Slavic city founded by even more famous Kievan Rus. Yeah, we thought you’ve heard about it, but still we will add this little fact list about Kiev to test your knowledge and get yourself ready to stay in it.

Make sure you leave in comments which facts you did know, and which you had no clue about. You can even leave a comment if you think something interesting about Kyiv should be included. So here are some cool 20 fun facts about Kiev, check them out below:

Monument to Bogdan Khmelnytsky

The rock on which the monument to Bogdan Khmelnytsky stands is made of remnants of stones used for the construction of the Nikolayevsky bridge (undermined by the retreating Red Army in 1941).

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

St. Michael’s Cathedral was blown up (1934-1936) and restored only for a year (1997).


Khreshchatyk Street was 14 years old named Vatslav Vorovsky Street.

Gonchar Street

On the street of Gonchar the hospital building in which Peter Stolypin died

St. Andrew’s Church

St. Andrew’s Church has no bells.

Malopodvlyna Street

Malopodvlyna Street is not the word “basement”, but from the word “val”, the street under the shaft.

Gorodetsky’s House

In the house with chimera Gorodetsky once was a cattery, as the owner of the house Vladislav Gorodetsky very fond of drinking fresh milk.

Mooring Manor

At the place of the Franco Theater once there was a lake that was part of a urban settlement. The photo is just a mansion before the theater appeared.

Significant personality

Osip Mandelstam, Ferenc Liszt, Fedor Shalyapin – all of them were in Kiev. In the photo – a circus of Krutikov, where Shalyapin acted. The cinema “Ukraine” is in its place today.

Contract Area

The contract area is named so, because it hosted the “Kiev Contracts” – winter fairs. They went through a fierce winter, as it provided a good passage of sled roads.

Sahaidachniy street

There is only one tree on the Sahaidachniy street (near the restaurant “Stara Zaporozhye”).

The first human monument

The first monument to a person in Kiev is a monument to Prince Vladimir.

Two shores

In Kiev, two banks – the left and right. The right bank is divided into Upper and Lower Town.

Bessarabian Market

In the place of the Bessarabian market there was once a wasteland, on which it was terrible to come at night.

Consulate of Poland

The Consulate of Poland is located on Bogdan Khmelnytsky Street. House No. 60 was built in 1894. Famous doctor Vasily Obraztsov lived there.

Taras Shevchenko

Shevchenko Boulevard, Shevchenko National Museum, Shevchenko Monument, Shevchenko Passersby, Shevchenko University – all in practically one place.

Kyiv Switzerland

In Kiev, there was Kyiv Switzerland (part of it consisted of the Repii Yar and Afanasyevsky Yar).

Brodsky Synagogue

The synagogue of Brodsky is built under the guise of a mansion. The building was once owned by the Artistic Club and children’s puppet theater.

Nikolaev Cathedral

The largest temple of Kiev – Nikolaev Cathedral of the Pokrovsky Monastery, it will accommodate even the Vladimir Cathedral.

Alexander Bogomolets

Academician Alexander Bogomolets was born within the limits of the Lukyanovsky prison castle.

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