Abandoned Hotel Amanauz: Brutalist Monument To Dreams And Hopes

It was so complex and expensive it never got finished…


Construction began in 1980s but was never completed. The hotel counts 480 rooms and a cinema hall for 630 people. This Soviet hulk is located at the foot of the Caucasian mountains in the village of Dombai. Futuristic building of the 80-ies resembles bee honeycombs, which will never be populated. It was supposed to be a boarding house for 1000 people writes arquitect.

The project was developed by the CNIIEP spa buildings. G. Perchenko and Evsey Kostomarov design the building, that was supposed to be a hotel with named “Amanauz” on behalf of the mountain river and the gorge. The hotel counts 480 rooms and a cinema hall for 630 people, as well as all sorts of ancillary, social, and cultural facilities. However, this object was not completed due to lack of money. Or maybe because it was supposed to be unusual! Highly unusual!

According to the project, this hotel was supposed to stand on a rotating platform, which would rotate it with the speed of the sun, i.е. full turnover per day. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?! But a fracture of the foundation has appeared during the construction and further work was impossible.

It also can not me demolished because there are several recreation centers and a market close to it. So it has been left here as a monument to unfulfilled plans and dreams.

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