“Spasibo, Yuri”: When Vkontakte merges space and Russia

 “Spasibo, Yuri” or in English “Thank you, Yuri” is an irony filled mix of images merging some urban sad scenery of Russian towns with some previous happiness thanks to space exploration and expectancy of bright future. Imagine a different world where space is our only limit as Soviet and American governments were spreading in history in time of the space race.

Alexander Dobrokotov is the founder of this Vkontakte community named “Spasibo, Yuri” and he said “these images depict sadness, because the times when Soviet Russia sent the first man to space – Yuri Gagarin, have passed.


And happiness comes from the fact, that Yuri was the first man in space. He was the man, who has started the age of the space exploration with his iconic word “Poehali” (Let’s go!).


This simple word uncovered a huge, radiant infinity of space for everyone on our planet. It showed us the immense vastness of space.


Sadly, something went wrong. Instead of flying into the bright future, the country has collapsed, while gradually drowning into the new infinity of dangerous neighborhoods, abandoned churches, and drunken villages we see today.


The wreckage of the once great country is reflected in the digitally edited photographs of the online community “Thank You, Yura.”

spasibo-yuri4 spasibo-yuri5 spasibo-yuri6 spasibo-yuri7 spasibo-yuri8 spasibo-yuri9 spasibo-yuri10 spasibo-yuri11 spasibo-yuri12 spasibo-yuri13 spasibo-yuri14 spasibo-yuri15 spasibo-yuri16 spasibo-yuri17 spasibo-yuri18 spasibo-yuri19 spasibo-yuri20 spasibo-yuri21 spasibo-yuri22 spasibo-yuri23 spasibo-yuri24 spasibo-yuri28 spasibo-yuri30

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What do you think?

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