Awesome Bungee Jumping Spots On Slavic Grounds

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Bungee jumping, bungy jumping or simply “a nightmare” for those who fear heights, this type of adrenaline-inducing activity is both praised and disgraced all over the world. Due to the countless accidents that have occurred over the past few decades, bungee jumping has actually gained even more popularity among daredevils of all ages. If you’re one of them, you’d be more than pleased to discover that Slavs have obtained bungee jumping licenses for a number of astonishing places.

Krka Bridge/ Šibenik – Croatia

Irrefutably breathtaking long before point of the free fall, the panorama at the Šibenik/ Krka bridge is a scenic example of Croatia’s sublime nature. Glancing towards the Krka river’s Šibenik and Skradin bays, the view from the top is truly worth it even if you chicken out at the last moment and decide not to go with the jump. In other words, if you’re thinking about bungee jumping in Croatia, bring a crowd for moral support and gift them with the heavenly views.

Prohodna cave – Bulgaria

The Prohodna cave in Bulgaria is a famous destination for spiritual travelers who are attracted by the two eye-shape holes naturally formed by erosion, which give off the impression of a gigantic face. “The eyes of God” are the main reason why people from near and far visit the cave, but the other one is that its larger entrance is licensed for bungee jumping. Prohodna is a unique choice for jumps and unlike most other similar spots, it’s open to adrenaline seekers even on selected days during the winter.

AJ Hackett Skypark – Russia

A lot can be attributed to the AJ Hackett Park in Sochi, Russia – from having the longest suspension bridge on the planet to offering super cool sky swings. The park has two bungee jumping options – a 207 meter high platform that’s hanging from the middle of the suspension bridge and a 69 meter high platform that’s ideal for short freestyle jumps. The park is designed to entertain visitors in all sorts of ways and it’s child-friendly, so even if you don’t manage to get in line, you’d still find a plethora of other attractions to enjoy.

Harrachov TV tower – Czech Republic

The only place that will allow you to bring your favorite snowboard or pair of skis on a bungee jump is the Harrachov sky resort in the Czech Republic. No, that’s not a joke! According to their policy, they won’t make you leave behind your sporting equipment even if it sounds as though it’s breaking basic safety regulations. On a brighter note, this would probably be the highest and most thrilling face-down jump you’d ever make while skiing or snowboarding, so why not go for it?

Hot Air Balloon – Bulgaria

Classic bungee jumps are performed from a sturdy platform. If you think you’re a pro, you should try doing it from a shaky, constantly moving hot air balloon. Hot air balloon bungee jumps are a rarity and so far the only Slavic clubs offering them are in Bulgaria. Head over to the one in the maritime city of Varna to get the best views.

Štrbské pleso ski resort – Slovakia

Between June and October, when the ski slopes of the Štrbské pleso in Slovakia aren’t covered with snow, the K-120 ski jump ramp becomes ground zero for flocks of intrepid bungee jumpers who get to witness the magnificent grandeur of Slovakia’s High Tatra mountainous landscapes. Evergreen coniferous treetops, fresh alpine air and a free fall scenery like no other – these are just three of the main factors that make this an awesome bungee jumping spot.

Kabanovo brick tower – Russia

If you want an authentic rustic Soviet view, aim straight for the source. The brick tower in the Kabanovo district of Moscow is hands-down the most WTF bungee jumping spot. Distopyan-like grim sceneries, rustic architecture, bad roads, shady suburbs… But hey, getting a kick out of picturesque panoramas gets pretty old sooner or later. Sky diving from an abandoned building and plunging yourself towards the post-Soviet ground below is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you won’t experience outside Russia.

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