Awesome Ethno Villages in Croatia that you should visit

Folk tourism is blooming and this is just a tip of the iceberg

Croatia – Have you had enough of relaxing and staying in hotels and apartments?  Are you constantly looking for new ways to vacation? In that case,  is a stay in one of our ethno villages the ideal place for you. This kind of villages offer you a unique opportunity to stay in the countryside through which you can learn a lot of interesting and traditional values that you have not met so far.

This form of tourism in Croatia come to life just a few years ago mostly in Dalmatia, Croatian hinterland and the islands. Below, we will introduce you to a few of these villages who are located in Croatia, so you can get to know the beauty and uniqueness of this type of tourism.


Kumrovec is located in the western part of the Krapinsko –  zagorska region in whose core is a ethno village by name of ” Staro selo”.The history of this ethno village begins by setting up the statue in the memory of the most famous Yugoslav president by the name of Josip Broz Tito in front of his birth home. Staro selo  is mostly a museum dedicated to his life and achievements.

Among other monuments and attraction linked to Josip Broz Tito, the village has arranged and constructed 40 residential properties, and several economic and ancillary facilities. In Kumrovec the visitors have the unique chance to see ethnological collections dedicated to the traditional way of life in the late 19th century.


The ethno village Strug is located in the village Plesmo, in the heart of Podravina on the river Strug. It is an ideal and peaceful place for all of the tourists who want to relax on their vacation in peace and quiet.

Strug also offers many activities such as horseback riding, bird watching, hunting, fishing, cycling, boat riding, etc.You can settle comfortably in one of the traditional oak houses that are decorated in ethnic style. One of the oldest goes by the name of Vesna and  was built in 1870.  and provides a large yard with fruit trees, a pond and pasture for horses. This small but very beautiful ethno village is the host  throughout the year to many events such as the famous Rock Camp which  attracts many international tourists who are fans of traditional rock and blues.


The ethno village Stara Lonja is located in the heart of the Lonjsko field. The Lonjsko field was declared a nature park in the 1990.  and it is spread over 50,650 hectares. It has a population of 250 species of birds and is the largest fish hatchery in Europe. In this ethno village you can enjoy the quiet nature, oak forests and clean air. Throughout the property , but also in the surrounding area you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. The local population offers you the unique opportunity of learning how to cook the traditional cuisine and for those who want a little more adventure there is a canoe safari that offers you the option of paddling through the intact nature the Lonjsko fields with your family and friends.


Stara Kapela is a small Slavonian village on the slopes of the Požega forest. This is a place where   road ends your cell phones lose their signals. This valley was declared a tourist area and is rich in fresh water. The village has an long tradition and history that dates back to 1275. when there was only a fort that was owned by royalty.

The village developed around the fort, and in the 15th century it was robed and concurred by the Turks. In 1760.  the village has got a new look which was maintained until today thanks to the efforts of the local population over the years.

It offers many activities through which you have the ability to learn and all about their tradition and history. This village is special for its architecture, cultural values and customs that have been kept all until today. For those more active tourists there are many cycling and hiking trails and lookout points that provide incredible views but also serve local  as monuments to remind  the residents of the village of their turbulent past. All the houses are decorated in traditional folk style to keep the village autohtoniost and authentical so that you can have a unique experience during your stay.

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