Back to the future: Soviet Woman from 2061

Once upon a time, USSR released a mini series called Guest from the Future, this series was based on sci-fi novel written by Kir Bulychov and was publicly aired on TV through out the whole of USSR. You could see it as a Soviet version of Star Trek, so naturally as all people love sci-fi it became a hit real soon. All episodes were starred by Natalya Guseva as Alisa Selezneva, a little girl from the future that travels to the present time, in other words something like Back to the future movies. Young soviet school children loved the episode and Alisa Selezneva became a real start of it’s generation and received bags of fan letters during the series. It became a phenomenon and it got it’s name “Alicemania” (Алисомания), it was a real hit on a large scale.

After the  great success of the series it has been re-aired again and again to these days. Many still fantasize about that sci-fi world and in order to commemorate the Alisa character the Russian art community CCCP-2061 has organized an the art contest. Aim of the contest was to paint the Alisa from the Soviet future, so let us see how they imagine it:

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