Bulgaria launching cartoon based on Slavic mythology

The Golden Apple is a fantasy animated series, based on Eastern European mythology and folklore. The story takes place in a vast mountain world, where the fogs come out of the hair of the powerful Zmei spirits, and the personified seasons walk the great forests. It is an epic Balkan fantasy world in which people use magic bells to battle the nightmares – huge shape shifters that feed on human suffering, but also a world in which the song of a Samodiva nymph can be both the most blessed of gifts and the most hated of curses.

Although it is based in an exotic fantasy setting, the narrative of the show will deal with contemporary issues, with which the modern viewer can easily associate.

It is a coming of age story, set in a complicated fantasy world faced with climate change, the effects of uncontrolled industrialization, xenophobia, social exclusion, racism and prolonged conflict.

The idea and the main part of the crew are Bulgarian, so naturally the setting is based primarily on Bulgarian and Balkan myths and folklore.

I don’t think anything similar has been made yet! Soon (next Monday, hopefully) they’ll be launching a fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter and other platforms. If you’re interested and would like to see the project come true, share with as many people as possible and support!

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