Bosnian Band Obliterates Youtube and Internet

If you have been trying to download something over Piratebay lately, you would have noticed a large embed video “free.mp3” of Bosnian band “Dubioza Kolektiv“. However that one video is just a part of their viral spread over the interwebz, because these happy fellas have been making a killing as far as YouTube views and reviews about them go. Their songs are usually heavily Balkan oriented, mostly speaking about retarded yet funny mentality of Southern Slavs where they quarrel between each other, drink and fight again. So in other words their videos are just a perfect example of Slavic Balkan culture and mentality and as such are a perfect material to describe to you who and what Slavs are (at least South Slavs).

Lesson one: You can go out of Balkans, but Balkans can’t get out of you

Lesson two: No matter how much Balkan Slav wants to emigrate, he will want to return back!

Lesson three: Peace and stability is fragile in Balkans, just as they like it!

Lesson four: No lesson here, just awesome new video from Piratebay.

Lesson five: Hate of the fact that you are born on Balkans is something each Balkan Slav goes through

We firmly believe that after viewing these videos you still have no idea what Balkan Slavic mentality is really about, however they don’t either!


So just drink some Rakija and enjoy the music until next Balkan mess!

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