Bear Grylls In Trouble After Killing And Boiling A Frog In Bulgarian National Park

Bear Grylls can survive anywhere and anything, except when he is in Eastern or South Eastern Europe. It seems that the survivor landed himself in hot water and faces a potential fine after killing and cooking a frog while filming in a protected national park in Bulgaria. The British adventure TV presenter filmed an episode of his Running Wild series in Bulgaria’s Rila mountains in 2017 alongside US ballroom dancer Derek Hough, and was seen gutting and cooking a frog.

But Bulgaria’s environment ministry said Thursday that Grylls had violated the nature reserve’s environmental regulations by killing the animal, swimming in a lake and lighting a fire reports CNN.

“It is evident from the film material that during the shooting there were breaches to the regulations and rules of conduct in protected areas: entering and swimming in the water basin of the Karakashevo lake, lighting a fire, and catching and killing an animal,” a spokesperson for the ministry said in a statement to the AFP news agency.

A Bulgarian company that organized the filming of an episode from the Bear Grylls survival skills reality television series, will be fined for violating the environment protection regimes in Rila National Park, the Environment and Water Ministry said Thursday.The authorities took up the case after an alert related to the Running Wild with Bear Grylls “Derek Hugh” episode on Discovery Channel, was published on the ministry’s Facebook page.The video in the alert showed a number of violations including entering and swimming in the protected Karakashevo lake, lighting a fire, and hunting and killing animals. After receiving the alert, the Rila park management carried out a check.The episode was filmed on June 25-26, 2017 near Borovets. The crew had filming permission provided that they strictly abide by the regimes and regulations set out under the Protected Areas Act and the Rila National Park Management Plan. The crew were accompanied by park security employees who did not witness the said violations.According to the law, legal entities are subject to a fine of 1,000 to 10,000 leva, and individuals are subject to a fine of 500 to 5,000 leva.Environment and Water Minister Neno Dimov ordered an investigation of the case and of the actions of the employees responsible for overseeing the filming of the episode. LN/TH

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