Kronstadt – Russian artificial harbor city filled with secrets

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Also known as the ‘Fortress of goodbyes’, this Russian harbor/city is to this day wrapped with secrets.  Crown Town or Kronstadt is a town and a harbor on the Kotlin Island in the eastern part of Finland bay, right in front of Sankt Petersburg. This island is in fact artificial – the foundation were set during winter: Russians placed wooden houses on ice which covered the bay and then filled them with heavy rocks so they would sink to the bottom. Those were foundations for the very first building.

The fortress was named Emperor Alexander I, and much like the whole island itself, which appeared out of nothing, was huge surprise for sailors. From this harbor rose first Russian steamboat, and also a first Russian icebreaker. No wonder this became the crib of Russian Navy.

Most of the population of this artificial city were sailors who had very often said goodbye to their homes going on expeditions. In the time of Soviet crisis, while the shelves of the stores were completely empty, shelves in Kronstadt were filled, but it came with the price: those who came there were likely to never go back. There were also tested new weapons and conducted secret medical experiments. Numerous experts have been brought against their will, but some tried to escape. The guards and cold water made that impossible.

But, interesting enough is the fact that the group of scientists from this island also managed to invent vaccination to fight pest – and by that saved thousands of lives. There were also some radiation experiments going on, but not one knows details…

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