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Visiting any city, one of the first places where you go, will most likely be a museum. A great way to learn more about the history of a country, city, or find one of a kind. Below are listed a few, but the most favorite tourist museums in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

World War II Museum

The Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War has more than 15,000 exhibits! These are old documents, personal items of front-line soldiers, their weapons and photographs, awards and banners, miraculously surviving fragments of the wartime correspondence, personal diaries and real military equipment. They help to recreate the history of events and transfer to the military past.

But attracting visitors is not as large a museum and its information content as the building itself. Most of the exhibition of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War is located in the three-story building of the pedestal of the famous monument of World War II, the tallest statue of Ukraine – “Motherland”. It is located on a hill in the center of Kiev and you can see not only the exhibits of the museum, but also climb the viewing platform to appreciate Kiev from a bird’s-eye view, standing on the shield of the national symbol – the defender of the former Soviet people.

Where: Lavrska st., 24

State Aviation Museum of Ukraine

The unique exhibition of the museum has become a joint global achievement. Over 70 airplanes and helicopters, combat missiles, military armaments and engines are in the walls of the first full-scale Aviation Museum of Ukraine. They collected the collection all over the world: some exhibits were provided by the Dovzhenko film studio, and the strategic bombers were presented by the Americans. See the world’s only collection of Tu-22 nuclear bombers by visiting the Aviation Museum. You can touch the history of the legendary airplane Leonid Bykov from the movie “Only Old Men Are Going to Battle” only here.

Where: Medova st., 1


The most frequent guests of this museum are future doctors and nurses. But it is not uncommon for people to “tickle their nerves” and people who have nothing to do with medicine. One look at the exhibits of the Kunstkamera can cause a visitor to shiver and hundreds of dark thoughts about the future of humanity. On the long museum shelves, eerie reminders of an irregular lifestyle are flasks with liver degenerated with cirrhosis, blackened lungs of a person who never leaves a cigarette. In large glass containers in the kunstkamera unborn children and many other things darken that it is even scary to write, especially to look at it. But if the anatomy of a person interests you or you like everything terrible and bloody, well, or you want to convince your spouse to stop smoking – you are here.

Where: Khreshchatyk st., 15


For the first time in Ukraine, the Museum of Science and Technology is open with an interactive approach. According to its creators, the best way to know the world around them is to contact them. Therefore, each visitor can not only look at the exhibition, but also conduct his own experiment in the field of mechanics, molecular physics, electricians, optics and acoustics. All exponents (and this is more than 200 unique devices) can and should be touched, testing their strength and seeing them in action

Where: Stepan Bandera Ave., 6

Water museum

The first in Ukraine “water museum” was born on the ruins of an old tower. One of the most extraordinary museums of Ukraine is symbolically located in the dungeon of an old water tower. This design “watered” almost the entire city more than 140 years ago! It consisted of two water towers with a height of 20 meters and an underground tank with a capacity of 1 million 350 thousand liters. The exhibition combines the features of a museum, a technical exhibition and an aqua park. The Museum of Water in Kiev invites guests to see and experience most of the water experiments. This is a place where exhibits are not hidden from visitors behind a glass wall.

Where: Grushevskogo st, 1B

Kiev Planetarium

Visit the distant corners of our Universe as part of the light performance of the planetarium in Kiev. By the size of the dome, the Kiev Planetarium is the second largest in Europe with a screen area of 830 sq.m. The hall has a dome with a diameter of 23.5 meters and can accommodate 320 spectators. It was founded in 1952, when in the very center of the hall they established the “heart” of any star show – a projection apparatus called the “Planetarium”. Thanks to auxiliary projectors, a special effect of the presence of a huge Universe in space is created. And on weekends you can enjoy a fantasy show. The planetarium in Kiev has undergone a due modernization and now offers artistic programs on the themes of astronomy, geography, and natural history. The planetarium also hosts various lectures on the history of the development of the cosmos and its celestial bodies. Thanks to powerful projectors, all visitors can see with the naked eye the sun, moon and five planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Where: Velyka Vasilkivska st, 57/3

House with Chimaeras or Gorodetsky House

The house with chimeras is a unique mansion in the Art Nouveau style, decorated with fantastic sculptures (chimeras) of fabulous animals, inhabitants of the underwater world, trophies of hunters. Some lovers of mystics believe that Halloween sculptures at Kiev House with chimeras come to life are. The house with chimeras is one of the main sights of Kiev, it is a great place to make beautiful photos as a keepsake or go on a tour. The object has the status of a monument of architecture. Now the house with chimeras performs the function of the residence of the head of state (ironically, as it is).

The excursion to the House with chimeras by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky takes place exclusively on Saturdays. Groups of up to 10 people are formed, during the visit you can see the interior of the ceremonial rooms and the former apartment of the architect’s family. Due to the large number of applicants, it is necessary to book a queue approximately 6 months before the desired day of the excursion.

Where: Bankova st., 10

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