Apple Feast Day The Slavic Harvest Festival

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The Savior of the Apple Feast Day (sometimes the Saviour on the Hill) is an Eastern Slavic folk holiday and famous harvest festival, which is observed on August 19. It is timed to coincide with the harvest of apples and vegetables, and according to national signs, means that autumn is already very close. It is the most important of the three Saviour (Spas) days. Once ancient pagan festival, but today this holiday is more concerned with the Christian Church holiday of the Transfiguration. The holiday has a pre-Christian origin and is associated with harvesting of ripe fruits, especially apples.

As Christianization of Eastern Slavs started this tradition slowly became an Orthodox holiday as Christianty among Eastern and South Slavs has preserved and absorbed many pagan traditions. There are processions and blessings of harvests. Usually, on that day, people from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus eat apples, apple pies, or other dishes containing apples, even if they are not Orthodox Christians.

In older times this holiday  was celebrated by Slavs on August 6 however now on 19 August. Pagan Slavs used the first harvest of apples and all sorts of vegetables as a sacrifice to the Pagan Slavic Gods, and performed a special ritual blessing of the harvest and offering to the motherland.

Prior to the Feast in the old days no one ate the apples, as it was thought, one version was that apples are not yet beneficial and children will not get goodies if one of the parents will eat an apple ahead of time. The most common rituals in the Apple Spas are ceremonies that focus on to attracting financial prosperity, love, rejuvenation ritual, purify of the house and others.

For example, the ritual cleansing at home or on the ritual cleansing of negative energy in the house are advised to carry out in this way: In celebration of Apple Feast one needed to take the usual apple, cut in half by removing one of the core halves. Then candle wax would then be used to carefully pour it into the half that does not have a core, then cover with the other half of the apple and firmly fasten thread. To finalize the rite of purification, person should take that apple out and bury it away from his home.

The most important tradition of the Feast is to treat each other with apples and cooking all sorts of dishes made ​​from apples.

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