Bosnian Girl Bought a Bread In Grocery Shop In Banja Luka, Almost Swallowed A Nail Inside The Bread

A horror breakfast story…

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A girl from Banja Luka, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, almost swallowed a nail, which she found in her bread. Well, we can all imagine the thrills of anger running through her blood. Imagine a day when you’re going to the grocery shop to buy bread, and all of a sudden a nail appears in the middle of your breakfast. Who knows what could have had happened if she really did eat it. Gladly, she didn’t.

Eating a nail isn’t considered nutritious, however this was a joke; eating or swallowing such a thing for your breakfast or lunch could be deadly. Who is guilty for such kind of thing? Did the food inspection react quickly enough? And how many of similar cases will we find in the future, because there were a lot in the past.

So, the citizens reacted in a way that they said the food inspection should react as soon as possible, and this should be their guide trough the work in the future. When something like this happens, the person usually goes to the court, and the whole administration process opens, and the process lasts for a long time. The conclusion: not really good, especially when you’re not patient enough.

The photo of the nail in the bread broke down the Bosnian inspection on internet, when the same lady posted it on Facebook. The lady didn’t want to be exposed, she never gave her name to the public, but she did mention a lot of things, when her best friend posted this on Facebook. She said that this wasn’t the first time she found something in her food, and that she always carefully goes through food in order to prevent something bad happening to her. Like, ending in hospital etc.

A nail in the bread, okay, didn’t count on that, right? But, this isn’t the first time someone found a nail in their food; some of them mention even having a nail found in a sugar cube. Weird, right? What do inspectors have to say to this one?

This is a similar case, with another nail victim. Nail in the middle of a sugar cube. „When I had a bite, I felt there is something else in the sugar, but just didn’t knew what..“ said the girl, „my first thought was that it was probably a carnation, but when I saw I had a bite of an actual nail, I was speechless“- said another victim from Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Luckily, she didn’t bite it all the way, because she might get her tooth broken, or even worse. This woman is also saying that this isn’t the first time she found something in food. These are some of the other examples: she found a cigarette-but in the coconut bag. Who is even responsible for that?

When you say: „I eat pain for breakfast“, are you sure you want a taste of that? I’m sure you don’t. A lot of diseases come from food, and when you have this kind of low quality food, what can you expect? You are what you eat, so choose carefully. Nourishing fruits, a lot of water and avoiding bread could help you lose some weight. But we all know the smell of a tasty burger, so how can we resist it? Simple. Just remember this article, and imagine finding a nail in your burger. You will never eat a burger again, if that is what discusses you. So, we can always learn from others mistakes, no one is perfect.

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