Bosnian Man Forges 500 Euro, Cheats Vendor and Buys 135 Liters of Rakija For Personal Usage

Mr. Anđelko on a life mission to get his favorite brandy – Rakija

jarmoluk (CC0), Pixabay

Have you ever craved for a drink so bad you attempted to forge money? No? Well turns out a Bosnian man, Anđelko M. (47) from Drvar is suspected of purchasing 135 liters of brandy (Rakija) with the forged EUR 500 in Mirkovac, Kozarska Dubica municipality reports

The suspect was discovered by members of the Kozarska Dubica Police Station, in co-operation with police officers of the Bijeljina Border Police Unit. Anđelko M. is arrested and charged with forgery of money.

“During the criminal investigation, it was determined that the suspected person, on April 3 in Mirkovac, the municipality of Kozarska Dubica, during the realization of the previously agreed purchase, put into circulation a forged banknote in the denomination of 500 euros,” ~ Police spokesperson said.

After the criminal investigation, the suspect was released, and after the completion of the case, the Prosecution of BiH will make a report against him.

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