Britain First used a picture of Czechslovakian WWII pilots to tell people to leave the EU

aitoff (CC0), Pixabay

Britain first is the British nationalist party that wants to leave EU “superstate” as they call it. In their fight against EU birocrats they started a trend of creating meme and fact pictures to spread their message however one little mistake was made. In an effort to tell a story how British pilots fought for Britan and not for EU, they accidentally posted a No.301 RAF Squadron that was formed by officers from Czechoslovakia. So it kind of started a viral effect where people joked about the irony of that post.

But they’re probably not the best example to use if you want to leave EU

Fact: sergeant in the No. 310 Squadron was one Bohumir Furst, or Sgt. B Furst.

What do you think about leaving EU?

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