10 Things That Mean You Are Macedonian

Some of the things that make someone Macedonian

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In one of my articles I wrote about the easily-recognizable features of the Balkan people. When it comes to making subcategories of the characteristics of each country and nation… well, it is difficult. No matter how much we discuss and get angry with each other about certain cultural and/or traditional things, it’s a fact that we have very similar habits.

However, I will give my best in finding those small differences between the habits and traditions of each of the Balkan nations. This time I will write the ten things that mean someone is Macedonian.

We love alcohol and we drink a lot!

Like many things, this too may sound like a generalization but it’s true. We Macedonians enjoy drinking alcohol. And as one of my fellow citizens responded to a TV poll: “I am not interested in prescription drugs, I’m more into rakija and wine.” You got that right, Sir!

It’s not weird if you ask your neighbor to borrow you a cup of oil, rice or coffee

As weird as it may sound, this is a habit that still lives among the Macedonians. While struggling to balance between the western culture’s presence and the retention of national values, there are still Macedonians who are not ashamed to knock on the door of a neighbor and ask for a favor.

We are willing to give the last money for “kafeana” or bar café

Although we have limited budget and low salaries, many Macedonians don’t care if they leave the last money in kafeana, the place where you can drink rakija, eat and listen to old Macedonian music. OK, we also love to go from one to another café until bankrupt.

We argue about history; with other people and among us

History is the Achilles heel of every Macedonian. The worst part is when someone tries to convince a Macedonian to separate history from politics … this is when a debate starts and never ends.

“You have to visit Ohrid and the monasteries … And Mavrovo, and…”

Macedonians simply cannot keep calm until they spit out this sentence. But people, it’s true. We have beautiful nature with breath-taking sights!

Zaprška” or it didn’t happen!

Zaprška is the Macedonian “roux.” Our grandmothers and mothers use this mixture in every possible cooking meal. A Macedonian girl does not simply confront her mother by saying: “Mom, I’ve changed the recipe.” Nope, first you do that and then you run for your … peace. Or you listen to a full lecture of “Your grandmother was cooking this…blah blah…”

You have watched “Pred doždot,” “Prašina,” “Bal-Kan-Kan” and “Tetoviranje” at least once

These are few among many other cult Macedonian films and we are really proud of them.

We respect and love the alternative/underground music scene

Like all other Balkan countries, Macedonia has a huge number of “kafanas” (coffee house) and discotheques where turbo folk music echoes. However, you are also a Macedonian when you enjoy good rock and metal music or when you dance at Macedonian electronic music.

We watch soccer and we bet, both men and women!

 Soccer is one of the national sports and the same is respected and truly loved! Betting has become a sort of tradition …

We are friendly and hospitable

Tenth but not the last thing that means you’re a Macedonian: you enjoy to welcome guests with delicious food, smile and good rakija.

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Well, if we put aside the history for a moment, we are easy to love huh?

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