Bucket List: Just keep calm and visit Bulgaria!

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Bulgarian Adventure calls you! Can you hear it’s whispers? From wild, virgin mountain ranges, through remote villages with unique churches and monasteries to modern cities and long sandy beaches, Bulgaria is one of the most amazing and yet not so popular countries on the Balkans. Most people outside Bulgaria do not know much about this Slavic land, some of them have not even heard of it. However, Bulgaria rewards exploration and as such it might be a new experience for you that are bored of the modern-age mainstream tourist attractions. Also it should be noted that visiting these beauties will not cost you too much since Bulgaria is not as expensive as some other European countries. Here are some of the reason why you should plan your next trip to this secret place on the Balkans, known as Bulgaria:

1.Untouched Nature

One of the main reasons why visiting this distant part of Europe is nature. Bulgaria is a home of seven different mountain ranges, stretching through the country.Setting foot in the forests, you can smell the fresh and crispy air – a real Heaven for hikers. When your lungs are full of energy and your mind calm,you are ready to start your trip up the hills. On your way you pass unspoiled forests, waterfalls, rivers and springs with crystal clear water. Every step you take, you have the feeling of something lurking and watching you. Do not be afarid. These are probably some of the rarest bird and animal spesies living here, deep in the woods.

2. Churhes and Monasteries

If you are planning to visit Bulgaria, do not miss to visit some of the numerous churches in the country. This Slavic land is famous for the long tradition of religious art. Wherever you go,you will pass through at least one church, keeping sacred artifacts and icons in its heart, some of them dating back to 12-13th century. One if the most important monasteries in Bulgaria is Rila Monastery, which is also a great tourist attraction. The Monastry was founded in AD 927 by hermit monk Ivan Rilski. Originally built 3 km. to the northeast, it came to its current location in 1335/ Rila Monastery was vital to the preservation of Bulgarian culture and religion under Ottoman rule, even through the Ottomans sacked it several times.

3. Black Sea Resorts

During the summer, you should not miss Black Sea Resorts. The most popular of them are Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. These are the places where you can meet the biggest part of the foreign tourists. Bulgarian resorts can be a great competition to some of the Mediterranean destinations. Stretching along Black Sea, people can find both party town and small,cozy and quiet villages with a lot of attractions.

I have to mention that Bulgaria is definitely, a great mixture of architecture.Waling through the streets, you can see old architecture, mixed with concrete buildings and modern skyscrapers, each of them with its own charm, telling a different story.

4. Rich history

Bulgaria is a place with rich history and people here are, of course, very proud of it. Some of the most amazing sights are Rila Monastery and Roman Theatre in Plovdiv which dates back to 98-117 AD/ Among the other historical places are the museum towns such as Koprivshtitsa, Karlovo, Etar, etc.A walk through their narrow streets will transport you back in the time and leave you speechless. As if popping out of some different world, the small wooden houses will give you another taste of this Slavic land. If you ask a Bulgarian about the history of the country, they will tell you stories of their ancestors, stories about wars and battles, in which fighting for the freedom of their land, they left their homes, families, wives and children.

Just keep calm and plan your next vacation in Bulgaria!

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