Cadmos Village – The Best Adventure Park In Croatia

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Acclaimed adventure parks around the world are often overcrowded, overhyped, packed with hidden dangers and definitely not as eco-friendly as they claim to be. That, however, is not the case with Cadmos Village – the best one of its kind on Croatian territory.

Located in just a 30 minute drive from the famous city of Dubrovnik, the park is nestled inside an oak tree forest in the Konavle Valley – a region praised not only for its varied wildlife, but for the local centuries-long traditions and cultivation of a vast portion of Croatia’s crops. Nicknamed the Golden Valley, Konavle is definitely a sight to see on its own and that’s partially what makes the adventure park so appealing to youngsters and adults alike.

Various areas of the park offer breathtaking panoramic views of the valley, the Snježnica mountain and the nearby Adriatic coastline. Visitors can learn all about ancient customs and taste the locally cultivated ingredients in the park’s cozy restaurant.

The actual park is self-sustainable due to the fact that it relies on solar and wind energy. The entire facility is being fueled by a dozen photovoltaic solar panels along with an additional windmill, which allows adventurers to charge their phones and other electronic devices with electricity from natural sources.

Moreover, the safety standards are top notch not only because the owners want to follow the law, but because they are members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. In other words, they know that safety is an intrinsic aspect of any adventure and they know how to avoid the common mistakes many adventure parks across the globe overlook. In addition to that, the park itself is acting as a branch of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, which means that staff members are trained to respond to and act upon any accidents that might occur in the valley’s region.

Cadmos Village offers a plethora of outdoor activities for thrill seekers of all ages – a 3-level adventure park, a gigantic swing, 4 zip lines, areas for paintball, archery, cycling and numerous other attractions. Visitors can even partake in the so-called Village Olympics, which focus on entertaining old-fashioned games like relay races, tug of war, races in jumping sacks, shooting with a slingshot, badminton tournaments and more.

Those who want to spend their time relaxing instead of adventuring can book a night at the eco-friendly treehouse in the woods. It’s fully equipped to accommodate up to six people and the prices are far cheaper than what you might expect if you book a typical treehouse resort. The 7-meter high terrace of the house is the perfect spot for relaxation in the midst of the beautiful Croatian woodland nature.

As far as the restaurant goes, the owners have decided to keep things small with 40 seats at max in order to be able to best serve guests signature meals and wines from the valley’s produce without the hassles of a large restaurant. Dalmatian smoked ham, seasonal salads and Croatian cheeses are offered as quick snacks, whereas the specialty on the menu is called “peka” – a combination of veal and lamb meat with vegetables, which is baked inside a bell-like metal dome dish on an open fireplace.

The entire facility is praised for being not only child-friendly, but also for offering an excellent getaway for a handful of events such as wedding receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, children’s birthday parties and teambuilding trips.

In 2016 Cadmos Village was honored with two prestige prizes vouching for its grandeur – a finalist spot in the category Innovation Of The Year granted by the Ministry of Tourism and a Certificate Of Excellence granted by the notorious TripAdvisor.

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