Can you spot the hidden messages in Kazak’s illustrations?

Waldemar Kazak has created a set of illustrations that seem as provocative and shocking to many, however underneath the first impressions these images can give, his work is full of hidden messages. He sees his work as satirical cartoons, but his work is gaining large popularity and seems to be much more than what he considers it. Waldemar Kozak is a contemporary Russian artist, who was born in Tver in 1973. Back in 1995 he graduated from the Tver Art College with a degree in graphic design. A year after graduating from college, he mastered Quark XPress and Aldus Page Maker programs. Then he changed several studios and publishers, where he worked as a designer and art director. Presently, he is a freelancer. “I work with magazines and advertising agencies. I dream of publishing my book of illustrations.”

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