Russia Today releases a satirical video on it’s reporting

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The Russian news portal named Russia Today was brought up to us back in December 10, 2005. For an average American, it is considered the root of all evil with many adorable nicknames as “propaganda bullhorn” or “Putin’s magnificent messaging machine”. Russia Today is so effecting that even the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism runs a project for a class to measure what RT does, they probably even report it back to Pentagon. Class is called RT Watch, a unique weblog that was maintained by those students in order to track alleged propaganda run by RT. Well newsflash, 10 years have passed and RT has built up a significant audience. According to some web statistic measurement tools, Russia Today ( gets more traffic than USAToday and even the Voice of America. Now take a minute and enjoy the Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan that explains how Russia Today managed to get “to the top”.

Just like you imagined it right? 😀

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