City of Omsk – Don’t Try To Leave It

The legendary city that became a meme


Omsk, Russia – Today the legendary meme city of internet, in reality a city located in the south-western part of Western Siberia is actually a location to avoid as far as the local residents say or joke about. Omsk suffers from a trend of young people rapidly leaving it for larger major cities like Moscow, reasons are many and you will see just some of them below. Young Russians in Omsk have a hard time, their wages and living cost are not in good standing if you would compare them to other Russian cities. This alone still isn’t the sole factor of their wish to leave it, there is a lot of other things from Public transport to road conditions that make people want to escape to shiny Moscow.

Back in 2009 a “Omsk bird” was born, it was a meme (the winged doom) and the phrase that comes with it “Do not try to leave Omsk!”. It was the effort of local authorities to force young people to stay and live in Omsk, but the young ones created this meme to describe how they feel being trapped there.

In late 2013, “ISS Art Media” studio presented to the public a documentary film “Do not try to leave Omsk!” addressing social issue and convincing young people not to move to Moscow in search of a better life. Instead, people should stay and try to make their city a better and more interesting place to live.

Would you leave Omsk?

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