Couchsurfing through Slavic countries

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Couchsurfing. Is it furniture? Is it on waves? Well, has nothing but something to do with both. It’s a piece of furniture someone lends you for a piece of time, while you are on your flowing travels, in exchange for your vibrations – in particles or waves! Actually, to be more precise, it’s an app that gives you this exact possibility. I noticed not many people in the Slavic regions are acquainted with the wonders and awesomeness this app offers you. First of all, you register to their official site.

You can either pay to be a certified remember, or you can risk it all just putting yourself into fates hands. Personally, the first time I wanted to couch-surf I was a little skeptic. How could someone give you a room and their private sanctuary for no fee at all? Then I discovered a secret called trust! You think trust is extinct? Oh no, trust me, trust is out there. How do you gain trust? Well, first of all you let a little piece of yourself out there. You describe yourself and your interests on your cs profile, and the members of this oh-so wondrous society have a very special radar for GENUINE. At first, I wanted to travel to our beautiful Slavic city, Prague, and put no effort in my profile whatsoever. Not so many pictures, not too much description of myself and just hit up any random person out there, just looking for a place to stay. Wrong!! The point of couch-surfing is not to get a hostel room. These are people’s homes you are being hosted in, and people are always looking for people they can vibe with and enjoy their precious moments they choose to spend with someone. I thought, hey, it’s about helping people out!


Helping people find a place to stay! NOOOO, this is not the goal of the community, it is only a nice side-effect. The goal is the GOOD experience, making new friends, and bringing people together. This is NOT a free accommodation site, people who are looking only for a free hostel usually have a hard time to find a host.One very certified, long time member with a lot of references and experience wrote me a very long message, I am thankful for, and everyone planning on using this app is bound to hear it! I was a newcomer, and newcomers have to start out somewhere, without many references and many couch-surfing friends. That’s all fine, when you put effort in your profile and people can see who you are! “Yes it’s about experience.

But not only experience, it must be a GOOD experience! What do you think, how can it be ensured to have a good experience for everyone!?Yes the answer is your profile. If they see, that you have something in common, it increase the chance you will have a good time, and it will be more likely that they will take you. If they have the impression, that they have nothing in common, or they are not interested in you or they will have a bad time, they won’t accept you.”

All in one, you should have a full profile, because of the following reasons:

1. Security: People are letting strangers into their homes. Of course they will not let just anyone! They do have to feel safe about that. What do you think, how can they judge in advance, if that is safe? Yup, again i say, the answer is your profile.

2. Good Experience: I already explained it above. If you cannot write a few sentence about yourself, what do you think, what will we talk about? The more information you share the chances are higher that something catches our attention, that may turn into a reason of hosting you.

3. Competition: Most cities you want to go to, are  a very popular destination. These people get several requests every single day. What do you think, which one will I accept? Yup, I judge by checking the profiles, and I will take the ones that I think we will have a good time. And again what ensures that we will have a good time? Yup, the common interests that you mentioned on your profile.

I can only remember the good moments everyone can share with Slavic people. Keep floating in the universe, people from planet Earth!

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