Creepy Tourism: Must-Visit Haunted Places Of Ukraine

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The world around us is surrounded by riddles and secrets and, even if it sounds irrational, they attract people. Same is with traveling, mysterious and paranormal places are often the most popular attraction for tourists There are also a lot of such places in Ukraine that can be of interest to people who are not indifferent to mysticism. Everyone heard about Chernobyl – abandoned city that echoes from the last century and keeps everyone curious and terrified at the same time. But it is not the only place to meet your fears of unknown. Except for Chornobyl , here are places to visit if you like to play with your nerves.

Ghost of Podgoretsky castle.

Pidhirtsi castle was built on request of the Crown Hetman Konetspolsky in the XVII century in the village of Pidhirtsi in Lviv region. Tour guides, when conducting excursions here, love to tell an interesting legend: when the castle became the property of Count of Zhevous, in an attack of jealousy he ordered to chain up his wife Mary and build her into the wall alive. And since that time there is no calm, the Countess – she walks around the castle and cries. Many of the workers of the castle saw a white woman here and therefore began to call her a ghost of the White Lady. Sometimes the heel is heard, and sometimes there are no candles in the candlesticks. In 2010, the castle was visited by a group of American scientists who spent 3 days here and with the help of special equipment found the habitat of ghosts.

People say that if you hear a woman’s crying – you are the only one to hear her  and you should get out of there, because you were chosen as the next ghost`s victim of the Podgoretsky castle

Tarakaniv Fort – between two empires

“The most beautiful” in the list of fortifications – Tarakaniv (Cockroach) Fort (Rivne). Today, a completely neglected and a bit mysterious place, during the third division of Poland was meant to be split between the Russian and Austrian empires. Later, when the Soviet Union wanted to store products in the building, it turned out that there was too high humidity and food could not be stored there. All this was a failure because of the fact that a place has long been considered a damn and it is extremely difficult to breathe there. Scientists say, that this place is situated right in the magnetic fields` crossing spot, so it is difficult to stay there for a long time.

Due to the high humidity of the walls, the buildings were covered with greenery, and with time the construction, which did not know the reconstruction, is more and more like a piece of Ireland in Ukraine and attracts hunters for acute sensations.

Cold yard

This place is located in Cherkasy region. This is an area with a rich paranormal history. Perhaps this is due to the fact that 30 million years a giant meteorite fell there, with which unusual energy this place is associated with. For two thousand years, with regularity, every few decades there are bloody battles.

Bad energy of this place attracts Satanists from neighbor towns and villages, locals often find trails of violent immolations there, with bloody altars, ancient dark symbols and a bonfires.

The lake without the bottom.

Near the village of Znamenka in the Kropyvnytsky region there is the Black Forest, and in this forest there is the Black Lake. To this day the unknown depth of the lake remains – all attempts to measure it were unsuccessful, because through several layers of peat, which has accumulated in the reservoir for centuries, the lake has not only one bottom. Getting to the “true” bottom has not succeeded anyone. Therefore, the Black Lake and considered bottomless.

According to the local forestry, when the last attempt to measure the depth of the reservoir took place, the cable at 530 m was over, and the weight, which was lowered to the bottom, was jerked and torn up by unknown creature.

There are no signs of life in the lake, except for frogs, which locals also call “earthly”, or black, because they eat algae from the the black bottom. Another phenomenon of the lake is “floating islands”. These are small areas of land with grass and trees that swim and constantly change their location.

This place is very much liked by tourists coming for mysticism and paranormal. It is recommended to visit during the celebration of the holiday of Ivan Kupala, when all evil coincides there.

Mountain Luysa(Bald)

Bald Mountain is a historic area in the Pechersky district of Kyiv. Sabbath of witches and werewolves is held on this mountain. Legend says, that Earth is circled by a big snake, that eats her own tail (Uroborous), and the place where it`s head meets the tail is Mountain Luysa. This is a reason why Sabbath of witches, demons and werewolves is held on this mountain.

This place is the least favorite among Kiev`s police officers, cause the biggest amount of suicides and bloody scarifies rituals happens there, especially in may. This comes a long way, in times of USSR, the reports about suicides attempts showed terrifying numbers: 70 per year in the same place, the same way, and most importantly – only women. This can be explained by the special exam, that young witches had to pass, and the task was very simple: if you jump of the cliff and manage to fly – you`ve passed, if you don`t – you die.

Wich place you would like to visit, and wich one you would never come to?

What do you think?

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