Czech Republic Is The Least Healthy Country In The World Says New Research, Have a Beer

If you would live in a beer paradise you’d be unhealthy too

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Another research has been made by Clinic Compare, and we have some bad news. Whole Eastern Europe turned out to be a huge mess as far as health goes. According to this study Eastern Europe came out as the unhealthiest region in the world (!!!!) calming 9 out of top 10 spots. Champions on this list are Czechs, Russians, Slovenians, Belorussians, Slovaks and Hungary. Now, personally without seeing other Balkan Slavs in the top 10 we have to admit this research is suspicions a bit but okay we’ll share it anyway.

Clinic claims they gathered their data from the world health organisation by analyzing the alcohol & tobacco consumption and amount of obesity in 179 countries across the globe. Czechs can thank their sweet first spot thanks to the title of the worlds biggest boozers (all that glorious beer), so who could blame them, you’d be a drunk too if you lived in a beer paradise.

According to some reports each Czech individual consumes 13.7 liters of alcohol per year, that is 550 shots a year, or 1.5 a day. Also they came as the 11th highest for tobacco consumers.

What made Eastern Europe in whole a very unhealthy place is the fact that Eastern Europeans have enough money to spend it on alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy food unlike some middle Eastern, African or Asian countries.

Same story is with USA, Canada, Australia so it turns out Anglo-Saxon nations and Slavic nations have something in common after all, they love good beer, tasty food and a good ‘ol cig after all that.

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