Designers renovate bathroom in a socialist block landscape, Babushka watches you while you sit on the toilet

The bathroom that will surely entertain your while you do your thing


Sitting in bathroom doing our ‘thing’ is usually pretty boring, people used to read newspapers, now the simply browse their smartphones. When you think of it, bathrooms are usually pretty dull and boring, this is why Lithuanian designers made one restaurant toilet with vivid Eastern Euro motifs that will keep you laughing while you’re emptying yourself. Gyva Grafika, a creative design and decor studio from Lithuania, has redecorated the walls of an old toilet, bringing the Eastern European outside ‘brutalist’ building scene to the inside. A restaurant called Galeria Urbana asked them to redecorate their old bathroom so these artists photographed a Kaunas neighborhood they grew up in and printed some stickers. More info: | Facebook (h/t dyt)

“Lithuania often neglects its public spaces,” Gyva Grafika told Bored Panda.“ A lot of people live in the cleanest apartments but once they step outside the situation changes completely. Stairwells, yards, and other public spaces are usually abandoned and ignored. For this reason, we have decided to balance these daily surroundings and introduced the outside to the inside.” Thus, the “WC for architects” was born.

Following the success of the project, Gyva Grafika is selling tiles just like these. If you’re interested, contact them on social media.

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