Russia is raining gold: 9 tons of gold bars spilled out of a cargo plane in Yakutsk

It’s a nice thing to witness raining gold, unless the bar drops on your head

flaart (CC0), Pixabay

It may seem like a movie scene, but the plane actually lost tons of gold, during take off. The An-12 took off in Yakutsk, but the cargo hatch fell off and the gold bars showered upon fields, like a blessing from heaven. In total, there were 9 tons of gold on board, valued almost 22 billion rubles reports YakutiaMedia

According to eyewitnesses, the plane, which ripped off the cargo hatch, was carrying gold, diamonds and platinum. As the eyewitnesses of the incident told, police surrounded the territory around the airfield and no one was allowed inside.

At the airport there was an increased police control. The accident occurred on the day of March 15 with take-off from the airport “Yakutsk”. Problem is that AN-12 from the Nimbus airline had an accident and blew off the left hatch of the cargo hatch. The crew decided to return the aircraft to Yakutsk.

At the airport in Moscow, it was reported that the aircraft was being prepared for the flight by the technicians who are part of the crew of this vessel. After the aircraft was checked before they were checked out, they filled in a maintenance card for the operational maintenance of the aircraft. According to this document, the aircraft was serviceable and prepared for the flight.

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