Did you ever want to marry a pizza? This Russian did!

igorovsyannykov (CC0), Pixabay
Did you ever want to marry a pizza? We bet you did when you tasted it’s awesome juices. Well, this Russian guys from city of Tomsk also just had to marry a pizza. We have no idea how the hell he managed to get official marriage certificate for this ceremony… but he did. Story goes like this, one day young 22 year old Tomsk decided to marry a pizza because, we quote: “your love to a person is a temporary affection, however love for food is eternal and stays with you till your last day”. We guess he had a pretty bad breakup before this, but to continue, he dressed his pizza box into a brides gown and even made two little cartoonist tits on the pizza box.
Now if there is some pizzafills among you, Tomsk is the city where you could legalize your marriage.
Local administration makes no problem if you wish to make your food love into a legal thing.
His friends where cheering for him, as you can see it got really wild.
Nothing smells better then a fresh pizza.
They got married and an official has announced they are a husband and a wife now.
Alo a Russian style legal marriage certificate was officially presented to a guy.

It stays a secret though did he ate her (the pizza) on his first wedding night. Probably yes, what do you think?

What do you think?

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