8 most useful dried fruits Slavs used during winter

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In winter time our ancestors had to fill their body with food vitamins to keep them strong and resistant to sickness, however that was usually hard to do as during winter most of the fruit is non-existent. This is why our ancestors dried fruits before winter, so they could use them and take their daily vitamin doses even during the coldest and snowiest times of year. Many of these products have found their way from ancient history all the way to our days and still are used, many of them can even be found in your local groceries. Actually we bet you are very familiar with these because your grandmother is probably making and stashing your with them every winter, so take a look:

8 most useful “suhofruktov”:

1. Dried apricots (dried apricots) is an indispensable source of potassium. It has a positive effect on the heart and is an excellent tool for the prevention of cancer.

2. Dried Dates enhance our performance and can be used as a painkiller for colds or headaches. They also strengthen our immune system.

3. Dried pears has a beneficial effect on our intestines, removes toxins and heavy metals.

4. Dried Papaya (or candied) strengthens the whole body, activates the protein metabolism and increases sexual activity.

5. Dried Figs normalize the activity of the thyroid gland, promotes excretion of parasites, and alternative medicine is used as a remedy for bronchitis. He actively counteracts the development of cancer cells, and enriches the skin with vitamins and trace elements.

6. Prunes – dried plum are a great tool to support healthy gastrointestinal tract (relieves constipation and normalize digestion), and for all who suffer from hypertension, have heart problems, kidney or liver. Good help with rheumatism and helps to improve the eyesight.

7. Raisins are a good antidepressant and helps with diseases of the thyroid gland.

8. Dried cherries neutralizes free radicals, and therefore has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

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