Elon Musk’s Slavophillia: After ‘Tesla’ now a new company called ‘Pravda’

Comrade Elon realized that Slav heritage + Capitalism = Profit… smart man!

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Director and founder of Tesla Elon Musk announced the launch of a new project to fight irritating fake news released by boring democrat leaning American media. Musk said he wants to create a website where the public will evaluate the truthfulness of the news and monitor the credibility of announcements and journalists all the time. Truth to be told it isn’t a bad idea, because in our times public defamation of individuals by paid journalist has become a business model for most media outlets.

Everyone in position of power should be accountable for what they do, however journalist have dodged that bullet for a quite some time. Now thanks to Elon’s new website me, we, you or any ‘Russian hacker’ or ‘bot’ will be able to group up and destroy the career of your favorite fake news journalists out there on the internet. He announced that the site will be called “Pravda”, such as the name of the Russian propaganda newspaper for the Soviet Communist Party.

He again showed that he is dissatisfied with the work of the media, and due to the recent announcement of the collision of the Tesla automobile operated by the autopilot. He said that the media “inflated” the situation and that they were not fair.

Some media compared him with Donald Trump for social networking, while others said that the world does not need another rich and powerful “guy” who threatens to shut up a journalist who does not look at things like him.

As he wrote on Twitter, he tried to buy domains named Pravda, but failed. The only available domain that contains part of this word was

So it’s done, it will be called Pravduh! However while you might get into the journalist freedom issues, their fake news and accountability for publishing those, many overlook what happens in the beneath. Elon Musk decided to make a brand new company named by Slavic word “Pravda” meaning “Justice” in South Slavic or “Truth” in East & West Slavic languages, just like he used a Slavic name with his brand Tesla.

Now we Slavs are no “sissies” truth to be told, no one will make a big deal out of it. But just out of fun let us imagine a reaction if a rich white multi-billionaire from USA made a company WAKANDA (yeah i know it’s not real) and decided to earn insane amount of money on that, how would the American media react to that? Can you imagine the headlines? Cultural appropriation :O

What do you think?

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