5 Reasons Why Polish Countryside Should Be On Your Bucketlist

Real rural tourism is a nerve relaxing treatment you’ll love

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If you seek for nature, beautiful landscapes, and freedom it is a perfect place for you! Holidays in the countryside is always a good idea. Especially if you want to escape from the city, from the daily rush and the responsibilities that overwhelm you on a daily basis, the time on the Polish countryside sounds like a perfect soul therapy. Believe me, you don’t need to spend thousands of euros for a mystical therapy with a coach who will help you release all the stress and worries. Pack up your luggage and come to spend some time at Polish countryside. You will find the balance, harmony and unexpected light of freedom.  Although you might find some similarities between the Polish and the other Slavic  countrysides, here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting Poland:

1. You can still find the real nature

Compared to many other places in Europe, Poland still offers wild landscapes, untouched by the advanced civilization. Especially the eastern part of Poland offers such a beautiful and rare place, where you can feel like you are the first human being who visited this site. Imagine a place which is not a natural park, but brings you the feeling of connecting with nature on the deepest level. Imagine that you can enjoy clean rivers, beautiful forests, meeting smaller and bigger wild animals, observe all of this… But also observe the farms that still work according to the traditional rules and eat the natural food. Sounds perfect, don’t you think?

2. You will find there the best bread of the world

If you are tired of the taste of the modern market-made bread and you miss the taste of the bread you used to eat when you were a child… You have to visit Polish countryside! Although people in the cities often don’t have an access to the real bread, the small bakeries at the end of the world still know how to make delicious bread. It smells amazing and it is delicious, but we would like to recommend you buy more than one. You will eat the first one coming back to the place where you stay!

3. You can enjoy the adventures like a child!

I remember when I was in French and German countrysides… Everything was perfect, too perfect. I had a feeling like everything has a place, there is no space for freedom. These perfect landscapes look like form a movie, but imperfect places in Poland will allow you to make your childhood dreams come true, play in the games that every Slavic child knows and enjoy the time like you are a kid once again!

4. You can feel the real freedom

Where Polish countryside begins, many social restrictions disappear… If you respect the local community of the place where you stay, they won’t limit your need for freedom. They won’t be surprised seeing you naked running through the forest at 4 am. no matter what you have thought of this nation, Polish are tolerant to the craziness of the youth (and second youth too!). They don’t like silly rules, limitations. Don’t be afraid to be criticized for drinking too much, being happy or spending time driven by imagination. As long as you don’t break the law, everything will be ok!

5. It’s cheap!

Yes, indeed. Poland didn’t join the Euro Zone, so we still use our currency – Zloty. It allows us to stay one of the most low-cost friendly places in European Union. Although life in the cities like Warszawa, Kraków or Gdańsk isn’t cheap, stay in the Polish countryside won’t ruin your budget. For example, the cost of food can be even 50% cheaper than in the city, it all depends on the place where you decide to make grocery. Knowledge of basic Polish will be helpful in asking the locals for help.

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Written by Natalia K.

Natalia Klimczak - a skilled writer based from Poland that shares great love for all things Slavic. She enjoys the opportunity to write for Slavorum because of her passion for reading and writing about culture, traveling and exploring.

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