Everything you need to know about Slavic Mediterranean Cuisine

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Even though we cannot label Mediterranean cuisine to one specific group of culture, many Slavic countries adapted it, and it is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world.

Basic ingredients 

First and foremost, Mediterranean cuisine is vegetable dominant, due to mild and sunny climate. Ingredients like tomatoes, artichokes, cucumbers, and a vast variety of green leafy veggies simply flourish in this region so they are used in variety of forms: baked, roasted, fresh, grilled…


The most dominant ingredient is olive oil almighty! There is no great secret behind this, since olive trees grow practically out of stones, so olives are very expendable and vast product. Aside from eating it, olive oil great to use for hair (like hair mask), face mask, mixed with some kind of exfoliator it also often used as peeling, you name it!

Meat is not so common, but sea food is, mainly because of its availability. And also, because its easy to digest.

Also, with mentioned olive oil, herbs and spices are that something something that differs Mediterranean cuisine apart from others. Herbs are used both fresh and dried, like basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, parsley, mint, cilantro etc.

Health benefits

Consumption of healthy fats such as olive oil provenly prevents dementia,  and lowers risks for heart diseases and cancer (since it has a lot less of them radicals, ya know?).

Also, olive oil has certain compounds that strengthens bones.


Overall this cuisine is great with managing diabetes and even depression.
If you are still hard core meat person, we suggest to give it a go – once you go olive oil, there is no going back!

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