Famous Actors in Hollywood That Have Roots in Ukraine

Interesting facts about actors you thought you knew all about

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Hollywood is a dream for every person who wants to become famous in any media sphere. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the origin of some singers or actors as we hear them talking to us from the TV screens in English all the time. Nevertheless some of the people from our side of the world tried their luck in America and became very successful and popular, some of the celebrities have roots from their ancestors coming from here, many of them haven’t even realized it until recently. So let’s see who from world-famous celebrities are actually Ukrainian or have Ukrainian roots.


Mila is an actress that became extremely famous thanks to her successful modelling and acting career. But not many people know that until the age of five Mila lived in Ukraine and moved to the USA with her mother Halina Loginova (Russian), also a famous Soviet actress. Nowadays Mila speaks Russian and Ukrainian with almost no accent at all, from time to time she comes to Ukraine and gives interviews in the Ukrainian language.

The ironic fact is that her mother and father had to flee from Ukraine (former USSR) due to their relationship and constant protests against the leader of Yugoslavia who was supported at that time by the USSR government. As we know now it was probably a blessing in disguise as if it didn’t happen we would probably never see Milla in “The Fifth Element” or the “Blue Lagoon” films.


Mila was born and raised in the Ukrainian town of Chernivci. In 1991 her family got Green Cards and immigrated to the USA. This was a fateful move for Mila. In 1993, only two years after moving to America, Mila started to take part in small TV adds and later became a famous star of the biggest Hollywood movies. In real life Mila is married to the famous Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher. Recently the couple came to Ukraine for a visit. They visited the native town of Mila, not famous for any tourist attractions and the place where you would expect to see such famous people the least. They created a big boom in the media, took lots of photos with local people and later reported that they really liked their trip.


Olga Kurilenko was born in a small Ukrainian town of Berdiansk that lies on the coast of the sea of Azov. In 2008 Olga got the role that made her famous all over the world. She starred in James Bond where she played the girlfriend of the famous 007 agent. Before going to America she lived in Moscow where she moved to from Berdiansk in her teenage years and later to France where she worked as a model.


Liv Tyler, the actress who played the queen of Elves in the “Lord of the Rings” movie also has some Ukrainian roots. Her great grandfather was born in Ukraine. Her father, a famous rock player named Steve Tyler told at an interview in Ukraine that in his childhood his famous dish was Ukrainian borsh.


Steven Spielberg, a famous American script writer and movie director also has Ukrainian roots. Both of his grandparents originally came from Ukraine. One of them was born in Odessa, the second one comes from a small village situated in the center of Ukraine. Steven, just like the father of Liv Tyler mentioned several times in his interviews that he likes Ukrainian borsh. 

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