4 Crazy UFO Stories That Took Place In Slavic Countries.

Have you ever seen UFO? Some Slavs have

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Since the ancient times, people claimed seeing things they couldn’t explain. The tales about the visitors from the different galaxies still sound like a fairy tale to many, but some people believe they are real. There are dozens of websites where people share their experience of seeing the unidentified flying objects, guests from the different planest. Here are a few examples of such events in the Slavic countries:

1. Titograd UFO incidents – Montenegro

On September 1974 in Titograd that belonged to Yugoslavia (now it is Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro), a few members of the Yugoslav AirForce claimed the encounter with an unidentified flying object. It took a place during the training flights over Titograd, with MiG 21, in the area nearby Batajnica airbase. The first encounter occurred in early January 1975, during a night flight. The mysterious objects last appeared on February 12, 1975, and since then nobody has ever seen it again.

As General Zvonimir Jurjevic revealed in an interview with Sputnik: “The object looked like a glowing orb, very well visible, maybe ten times lighter than the brightest star at that moment. Color constantly changed: white, yellow, light red, orange, again white, and so on. It appeared from nowhere, unexpectedly. It was attracting attention on purpose,”.

Although many specialists tried to solve the mystery from Titograd, nobody has ever found the reasonable explanation to this situation.

2. South-west Ukraine

In 2017mysterious lights appeared on the sky in south-west Ukraine. Locals believed it may be the proof of aliens visits in this area, but some researchers suggest the scientific explanation. People saw the lights that were first seen in weird formation, and later some „dropped” out of the sky. According to DailyMail:”After the footage stirred UFO rumors online, the Ukrainian army felt compelled to make a statement to calm the situation. An army spokesman assured residents there was no reason for any concern. The lights were in fact targets used by Ukrainian Marines during a military drill.” However, not everybody is convinced and the story warms up the blood of UFO hunters.

3. Pag Triangle – Croatia

Since the beginning of the 20th-century people believed that UFO appears in the mysterious land formation in a shape of an isosceles triangle near Novalija Stjepan Zvonarić identified officially this site as linked to the UFO landing. According to him due to this fact, the rocks were heated to extreme temperatures. The similar anomaly was not found in rocks in the surrounding area. Due to this fact, the Pag Triangle became a huge tourist attraction. It has been visited by over half a million tourists. If you want to know if UFO really visits Croatia, you have to visit this site, talk to the people there and check out the evidence.

4. Emilcin Abduction – Poland

In 1978 Polish farmer Jan Wolski experienced the ridiculous story he could ever imagine. On 10 May 1978, he was driving a horse-drawn cart when he was jumped by „two short, green-faced humanoid entities” about 1.5 m tall”. He claimed they started to speak to him in a strange language, sat next to him in the cart. Furst of all he thought they are foreigners from the exotic country, but later he started to realize the truth. He drove the cart with two weird beings aboard straight to the place where they wanted to go – to their craft. According to man, it was a white flying object about 5 meters in height and as long as a bus. The report by Wolski is full of details, and many people believe that it is the most valuable description of a visit by external civilization in Europe. Do you think Wolski experienced a meeting with beings from a different planet?

What do you think?

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